U.S. Pro-Lifers Blast Western Depopulation Agenda in Philippines and Developing World

In an article that appeared Sunday on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for Life website, two U.S. based pro-life advocates blasted wealthy Western governments for forcing an anti-life population control agenda upon the Philippines and the developing world.

“The [reproductive health] promoters do whatever they have to do to get these things passed — they spend their money in promotion, in getting journalists on their side, opening clinics to circumvent pro-life laws, wooing politicians who value their own power more than they do the families and culture of the nation they represent,” said Stephen Phelan, Communications Manager for Human Life International. “If they can’t get what they want — which is free-of-charge and full access to contraception and abortion — passed democratically, they will use the courts or other non-democratic means to get what they want.”

“Ordinary people don’t want their governments passing anti-life, anti-family legislation. That’s why these measures can only be passed when government officials force their will on the people. That’s what happened in the United States in 2010 with “Obamacare” — which expanded taxpayer-funded abortions, despite massive public opposition — and it’s the same tactic President Aquino is trying now in the Philippines,” said John Jansen, Director of Generations for Life, the youth arm of the Pro-Life Action League.

The Philippines has been a hotspot of debate over life issues recently due to the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Bill currently being considered in the Philippine legislature. The bill, which is supported by the Philippine president, but opposed by the Philippine Catholic Church, would implement government funding of contraceptives, abortifacients and other “family planning” services.

A diplomatic cable from former U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenny recently published by the website Wikileaks pointed out how the U.S. has been funding population control activities in the Philippines for the past forty years.

“Landmark appropriations and draft legislation reflect increasing commitment within the Philippine Government to further expand and sustain programs started forty years ago with U.S. Government’s assistance through USAID,” Amb. Kenny said in the cable. “The U.S. Government continues to be the largest donor in the Philippine population sector supporting efforts to improve local government service delivery and increase private sector contributions to family health outcomes.”

Both Phelan and Jansen were quick to note that the Philippines is not the only target of the population control agenda.

“There are similarities between the situation in the Philippines and what we see in other nations worldwide — many, many millions of dollars are sent from the US and Europe to promote the RH agenda in an attempt to stop people in the developing world from having children,” said Phelan.

“[RH promoters] have unlimited money, and they are very patient, and they try to convince people that if they want the “respect” — really the funding — of the wealthy nations, they will do what they’re told and put structures in place to stop having children. They will exploit corruption in government especially,” Phelan pointed out, adding, “They know that history shows that you can sneak or force these policies through, then eventually people will come around to the idea that happiness is not in children and families, but in having more wealth and things.”

“Without a doubt, the same scenario is playing out in developing countries all over the world,” Jansen added.

“The morally decadent countries of the Western world have been pushing population control for decades, and the pro-abortion forces have seemingly no reservations about manipulating data — or even resorting to outright lies — if it serves their agenda. Opposition to the pro-life movement is extremely well-funded, and so the only way that people of faith can hope to prevail is by relying on God’s help by being devoted to prayer and penance,” Jansen said.

The fight over the RH Bill in the Philippines is the subject of a new documentary, “The Philippines: Preserving a Culture of Life,” produced by Human Life International (HLI), and recently aired on Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

“Why, one might ask, does [the RH Bill] keep reappearing, sometimes with different names or slightly revised content, if the people of the Philippines have so clearly rejected it?” said Dr. Ligaya Acosta, HLI’s Regional Coordinator for Asia and Oceania, who appears in the documentary, earlier this yet.  “It reappears because it is fueled by mind-boggling amounts of money from international population control organizations, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), who have long expressed their concern that there are too many poor Filipinos for their comfort.”

A co-sponsor of the RH Bill in the Philippine legislature recently admitted that the bill was a means of population control during an exchange with another representative, saying the bill was “definitely” a population control measure, and agreeing that to curb poverty, the country needs a smaller population. Another pro-RH Bill legislator in the Philippine Senate also admitted that the bill still needs to be cleaned up of all references to population control.

“[President Aquino] hasn’t been able to force this bill through. He and his allies are promising hundreds of millions in ‘aid’ and all kinds of worldly accolades if he can just get Filipinos to do what they’re told. He has even adopted the tactic of tying legitimate reforms and development policies to the radical RH policies,” said Phelan. “It turns out that Filipinos who love life and family are more sophisticated and more united than the pro-RH crowd thought, and they are putting up a strong fight.”

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