Cardinal von Galen Award – Spring 2005: Bishop Antonio Baseotto

Cardinal von Galen Award – Spring 2005: Bishop Antonio Baseotto

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This edition’s recipient of the Cardinal von Galen Award is Bishop Antonio Baseotto, the head of the Military Diocese in Argentina. In early March, Bishop Baseotto wrote a stinging letter of rebuke to the Argentinean Minister of Health, Gines Gonzalez Garcia, who had publicly expressed his support for legalizing abortion and had initiated programs of condom distribution to youth in Argentina. Bishop Baseotto said that such programs called to mind the words of Jesus about those who lead the innocent astray, that they should be “cast into the sea with a millstone fastened around their necks.”

Needless to say, the bishop was immediately attacked by the leftist media accusing him of inciting violence against politicians, and the Secretary of State called for the bishop’s removal from office. Despite the direct intervention of the Vatican, the support of HLI-Argentina, HLI-Central, HLI-Miami, HLI-Rome and a host of Catholic groups in Argentina, Bishop Baseotto was “fired” from office by the President of the country no less, deprived of his salary and publicly humiliated for his comments. The promoters of abortion will stop at nothing to silence the Church’s moral voice, and HLI is proud to have supported Bishop Baseotto publicly in his time of trial. We will continue to accompany him in our prayers.

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