Cardinal von Galen Award – Summer 2006: Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo

HLI is very pleased to honor His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo with the Cardinal von Galen Award in recognition of his exemplary work on behalf of the family and defending human life. He is best known for his leadership of the Pontifical Council for the Family which he has presided since November 8th 1990. In this capacity he has served as the highest authority on life and family issues in the Roman Curia. He is also a member of the Congregations of the Doctrine of the Faith, of the Cause of Saints, for Bishops and for the Evangelization of Peoples. He is also member of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America. His many books and articles on ethics, marriage and the family and social theology published in Spain and Latin America and translated into many languages have made a great contribution to the pro-life and pro-family movement.

Cardinal López Trujillo studied at the Major Seminary of Bogota, Colombia, and in Rome at the Angelicum and the Teresianum. He received the doctorate in Philosophy from the Angelicum and taught social doctrine and Marxist thought at the National University of Colombia. This latter topic was especially useful when, as secretary general of the Latin American Bishop’s Conference (CELAM) he courageously led the movement to denounce the Marxist elements of Liberation Theology at the 1979 Puebla Conference. As Cardinal Archbishop of Medellín, Colombia he fearlessly condemned the activities of the drug cartels despite constant threats against his life.

Zeal for spreading the Gospel of Life has taken Cardinal López Trujillo around the world, and he never fails to remind Catholic leaders and lawmakers of their solemn duty to fight abortion and the other manifestations of the culture of death. The Pontifical Council for the Family under his leadership has had a remarkable outreach to the Church, notably with bio-ethics courses for the episcopate that have instructed over 1,400 bishops with vital knowledge needed in their pastoral duty to promote the culture of life.

The global pro-life movement has received much encouragement from the cardinal’s leadership, and we at HLI are particularly grateful for his decisive interventions in defense of human dignity. A clear sign that he is doing an effective job of promoting the authentic teaching of the Church is the way anti-life groups and journalists have attacked him over the years. This has been especially true regarding the council for the family’s publication entitled Lexicon: Ambiguous and Debatable Terms Regarding Family Life and Ethical Questions. This fine scholarly work was created to name the darkness and expose the euphemisms used by the culture of death to promote their agenda such as reproductive health, i.e. birth control, sterilization, abortion etc. HLI was very pleased to translate and publish the English edition of the Pontifical Council for the Family’s Lexicon in 2006.

Most recently Cardinal López Trujillo spoke out authoritatively to reaffirm the Church’s clear teaching against the use of condoms to fight AIDS. In this great service to the pro-life movement HLI has supported him 100%.

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