Africans Must Resist Population Control

namibian mother and child

Africa, which historically has always been a continent vibrant with life, rich in family and cultural values and blessed with a steadily growing population, is now under siege by Western anti-life and anti-family population control mongers. And to be frank, one of the main weapons they use against the African people is their money. Because these anti-life people and anti-life organizations are very rich and very wealthy, they have convinced themselves that they have the power to win their marathon race against life in Africa. They use their money to influence organizations, NGOs, political leaders and government officials in Africa to push their anti-life agenda. They are also very successful at using the media as a weapon in all their dirty programs, touching every department in a country, to penetrate even to the most remote parts of Africa.

Let me explain how their anti-life influence operation works:

  • To employ their hidden agenda, the anti-life operatives use deceptive language to invite African bureaucrats to meetings, conferences and workshops, normally held in expensive hotels, where they inculcate these unsuspecting victims with their anti-life and anti-family dogma. They give the bureaucrats money, called sitting allowances, and/or promise them tangible rewards such as an expensive house, luxurious cars or access to foreign bank accounts. And they reimburse their travel fare. Sometimes they give them gifts to take home with them to their families as well.
  • They give media outlets huge sums of money to assist them to run their stations – radio, television and newspapers. Media owners and chief editors are beneficiaries to this money, and journalists are awarded cash money to seduce them to stand on their side and write good articles that favor the anti-life cause.
  • African village leaders are also targeted for bribes. They are told to assemble people to be addressed by these anti-life and anti-family groups, and while assembled they are given food, drinks and some cash to carry home. At the end of the meetings, these leaders will clap hands to approve whatever indoctrination has been imparted into their heads, and to show loyalty to what they have received. The village leaders often invite traditional dance groups to dance for their “benefactors” who have come to “save” them from anguish. They go back to their families with sacks of contraceptive packages, condom boxes and sterilization kits. These are the so-called “reproductive health services” which are intended to cater to the “unmet needs” of the indigenous people. The abortion agenda, very sensitive at the village level, is shelved under the euphemisms of post-abortion care, menstrual regulation, minor surgeries or Marie Stopes procedures.

Having been fooled into believing that being very poor directly relates to needing this “assistance,” they readily accept everything they are told. In this way the anti-life culture slowly and steadily takes deep roots in our society. In a period of two decades or so, they are able to replace our beautiful African cultural and family roots with Western sexualized ideologies. To them, Africa, whose population growth is a pride to the continent, stands in stark contradiction to their depopulation agenda. So at present, the anti-life operatives have directed all their guns against Africa and its people.

In 2003, top abortion promoting organizations, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), designed, developed and sold to Africa a deadly contract called the Maputo Protocol. One objective of the Protocol, among others, is to force African governments to first legalize chemical abortion, and later, abortion-on-demand. The Protocol is being marketed to African governments as a document on the Rights of Women. And fearing that the imaginary Millennium Development Goals‟ (MDG) deadline is drawing nearer, organizations that work to advance contraception and abortion in the world, the IPPF, Marie Stopes International, UNFPA and Ipas are working frantically to ensure that ALL African governments legalize abortion before or by the year 2015. And looking at the ratification process, many African countries have already ratified the protocol with a number of them having already acceded to it. In their minds, they seem to think that if African countries do not legalize abortion by that year, it would mean that they have not achieved MDG and that women in Africa are denied their rights. The reality is that these organizations, all of them Western based, simply fear that the growing number of Africans will pose a great danger to their economic, social and political well being in a period when their populations continue to decline at an unprecedented pace.

In most African countries, abortion is largely illegal except in those five countries that have legalized it – Tunisia, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa and Togo. Reading the constitutions of most African countries, abortion is never allowed except to save the life of the mother, and even in this situation a team of medical professionals must make a joint decision. And yet, organizations like Marie Stopes International are performing illegal abortions in every country where they are allowed to operate. Besides Marie Stopes, there are also a host of dispensaries and clinics performing abortions illegally.

If Africa is left at the mercy of the population control forces she is going to perish. Training African pro-life leaders is the best option that we have at hand to protect our people, born and unborn, from the culture of death.

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