“Miracle” Baby Makes 50 Year Old a First-Time Mother

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Anthea Burns, age 50, is about to become one of the oldest women in Australia to have a baby who was conceived naturally.

After marrying later in life, Anthea and her husband Peter had been advised by doctors that they would “need a miracle” to have a baby.

According to The Sunday Mail, Mrs. Burns stopped using the contraceptive pill and thought she had begun menopause, but her husband had not given up hope of still having a child.

A source aware of the couple’s struggle to have a child told The Sunday Mail: “They were in semi-retirement until a few months ago when they learned they would be parents. Doctors anticipate they will have a healthy baby . . . ultrasounds have indicated it is very healthy. There is something like a one-in-two-million chance of this happening.”

Fertility experts are stunned by the pregnancy given the incredible odds of a natural birth occurring. For women older than 45, the odds of getting pregnant naturally decrease to below 1%.

“In the IVF series, we haven’t got anyone pregnant over the age of 45 with their own eggs,” one IVF nurse told The Sunday Mail.

“Pro-life activists object to IVF mainly because it requires the intentional killing of many human embryos,” according to Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training for Human Life International. “For example, only four percent of 14,585 human embryos survived to birth, according to a 1984 European study, and a 1987 study in the United States’ largest IVF center in Norfolk, Virginia, concluded that only five percent of 4,500 embryos survived to birth.

“Embryos that appear to be defective in any way are simply discarded as biological waste,” Clowes wrote in his book The Facts of Life. “If a woman becomes pregnant with multiple embryos, an abortionist often commits a “pregnancy reduction,” a fancy name for selective abortion. The unwanted children are killed with a shot of potassium chloride to the heart and they are simply reabsorbed by the mother’s body.”

The Burns’ baby is expected to be born on June 15th.

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