Skipping Gendercide, Parents in India Turn Girls into “Boys”

Skipping Gendercide, Parents in India Turn Girls into “Boys”

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Since sex-selection abortions are being strongly discouraged by the Indian government, some parents are flocking to the city of Indore to have their baby girls, most under the age of three, surgically mutilated to look like “boys.”

According to news reports out of India, “[H]undreds of girl children in Indore are being operated on to turn them into boys.”

“The Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Madhya Pradesh health department . . . recommended measures to ensure that parents hankering for male children don’t exploit such ‘corrective’ surgeries with the help of corrupt doctors.”

Pope Saint Paul VI’s four predictions in Humanae Vitae about the unintended consequence of widespread acceptance of contraception prove more prophetic every day. In the seminal encyclical on human life, he wrote that a widespread acceptance of contraception would lead to, among other things, a lack of respect for women. But even this great Pontiff could not have foreseen the depths to which people will sink in their disrespect of and disdain for women.

According to Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen and many other experts, at least 160 million baby girls have been aborted or murdered at birth across Asia, simply because the parents wanted a boy. But now, untold numbers of well-off Indian parents have taken this horrible trend even further.

It does not matter to these parents that their ersatz “boys” will suffer from extreme psychological and physical difficulties later in their lives, or that their mutilated children will be infertile; all that matters to them is that they have the socially preferred sex.

“The surgery can have profound, long-term psychological effects on an individual, who might not accept the gender assigned by parents and doctors before age of consent,” said Suchitra Inamdar, a counselor from Mumbai, in a news story that rightly points out that girls are being “converted” into boys “at ages where they cannot give their consent for this life-changing operation.”

We are shocked by this news, but are we really surprised any more? Once the idea sets in that sexuality is a human construct rather than a fact of nature, and that we are entitled to do whatever we want with our bodies, this sort of atrocity is a natural consequence.

Why don’t parents deserve to “choose” the sexuality of their children, even if in order to do so a great violence must be inflicted on them? These seriously confused parents feel entitled to the child of their choice, and they’ll sink to any depths to get the boy they want – whether it is abortion, infanticide or surgical mutilation.

This is an extreme example of what happens when, as the Church teaches, people turn away from serving God and others and instead focus on their own selfish perceived “needs.”  Usually, the person who suffers most from self-centeredness is the one who focuses on himself; but, in these cases, parents are inflicting great suffering on their own baby girls in order to satisfy their desire for social standing.

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