Video Sting Operations Catch Gendercide Abortionists in India

Undercover operations by anti-gendercide advocates in India are helping government officials to shut down sex-selective abortion operations targeting female babies in violation of India’s Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act.

Two doctors in Thane, Maharashtra, India were caught on video offering to provide a gender screening, and then perform an abortion for a female child, in an undercover operation Sunday. Dr. Umesh Londhe, who heads the Gopika Clinic in Naupada, and Dr. V. N. Jawahar, who owns the New Ultrasound Sonography Centre, could face criminal charges.

“The couple was sent as a decoy after we noticed an advertisement that Dr. Londhe’s clinic offered help to the “needy” who wanted to abort,” said Varsha Deshpande, who heads the group Lek Ladki that campaigns against female gendercide, in an interview with The Times of India. “Our activists met Dr. Londhe at his clinic on Saturday and asked if could carry out tests. They told him that they would prefer an abortion if it was a girl . . . he agreed to help them.”

A similar sting operation by Deshpande’s group in Mumbai, India on Friday led to the seizure of three ultrasound machines.

“This proves very strongly that sex determination and sex-selected abortions are rampant in Mumbai as well,” said Deshpande in a separate interview. “It’s just more expensive than in the rest of the country . . . . Just look at the child sex ratio in the city and it is obvious that the girl child is being eliminated.”

Both of these undercover operations caught doctors speaking about performing illegal abortions on hidden cameras – reminiscent of the undercover video tactics of the U.S. based pro-life group Live Action. Live Action’s hidden cameras caught officials at Planned Parenthood abortion offices covering up sexual abuse of young girls.

The preference for male babies in India has become so extreme that doctors are now performing “sex change” operations on female infants.

“Since sex-selection abortions are being strongly discouraged by the Indian government, some parents are flocking to the city of Indore to have their baby girls, most under the age of three, surgically mutilated to look like ‘boys,’” said Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training at Human Life International.

Catholic Church officials in India recently came out strongly against such operations.

“We have strongly condemned, as Indian bishops, this horrible practice. It is the result of a mindset that favors male as a source of profit and as a son of greater value, mortifying the dignity of women,” said Fr. Charles Irudayam, Secretary of the “Committee for Justice, Peace and Development” of the Episcopal Conference of India in an interview with Fides. “A lot needs to be done – just like what the Church is doing – to spread a culture of equality and to promote the dignity and the rights of women in society.”

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