Taxpayer-Funded Sex-Selection Abortions Available in Hawaii

An undercover video released today by Live Action shows employees at two Planned Parenthood locations in Hawaii arranging sex-selective abortions, and advising that Hawaii taxpayers could pay for the procedure.

The Planned Parenthood Maui Clinic worker tells the woman filming the undercover video to wait for a late-term abortion to make sure that the baby is a girl before getting the abortion. Another Planned Parenthood employee in Honolulu counsels the woman to sign up for QUEST, Hawaii’s taxpayer-funded insurance, to pay for her sex-selective abortion.

“I mean everybody has their different reasons for why they choose to have a termination and, of course, everybody’s story matters and if that’s, you know — if that’s what you want to base your — base your decision on, really it’s up to you,” the Maui Planned Parenthood employee said after Live Action’s undercover investigator made it clear she only wanted to have an abortion if the baby was a girl.

At Planned Parenthood’s Honolulu clinic, after being told that the state’s health insurance, QUEST, would pay for the abortion, the undercover investigator asked, “So if I wanted to terminate a girl the government would pay for it?”

“They don’t care,” the clinic worker responded.

The video is the fourth in a series on a sex-selection abortion released by Live Action.

In Live Action’s third video, staff members at two National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinics in Arizona are shown advising a young woman seeking a sex-selection abortion to deny her motives and schedule the procedures despite a 2011 Arizona law that makes it a felony knowingly to perform or refer for an abortion sought for sex-selective reasons.

At Camelback Family Planning in Phoenix, Arizona, a counselor named Barb advises the woman seeking a female sex-selection abortion, “Don’t tell us that, because we don’t want to know.” Barb tells the woman that it’s “fine” that she already initialed paperwork indicating that she was not seeking a sex-selection abortion, but just not to make her motives public.

“You can tell [the abortionist, Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick], she’s gonna tell you the same thing, just don’t let it be known! She’s really good about that. You’ll like that about her,” Barb says. The abortion counselor goes on to say that she has personally encountered other women seeking sex-selection abortions.

Live Action’s video also shows footage from the Tucson Women’s Center in Tucson, Arizona where the surgical assistant Francisco tells the woman, “We could lose our license,” for performing a sex-selection abortion, but agrees to cover-up the illegal procedure. “I’ll just forget about it,” he says, “But just be sure not to mention it.”

“Just don’t say anything about it tomorrow to [the abortionist]. Don’t even mention it to him,” Francisco tells the woman.

“The clinics supporting sex-selective abortion should be investigated, prosecuted, defunded, and delicensed immediately,” Live Action president Lila rose said.

Live Action’s previously released videos (see below) show a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counselor in Austin, Texas encouraging a woman to obtain an abortion if the baby was a girl, and another showed a counselor at Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger clinic in New York City helping a woman determine if her unborn child was female so she could have a sex-selection abortion.

“And so, if you decide that, even if you find out that it’s a girl, and you decide that, what you would prefer is to terminate the pregnancy, then that’s just your decision. I can tell you that here at Planned Parenthood we believe that it’s not up to us to decide what is a good or a bad reason for somebody to decide to terminate a pregnancy,” the counselor in New York told the undercover investigator.

Planned Parenthood released a statement shortly after the initial video was released saying that it “condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias,” and that it ended the employment of the Texas counselor shown in Live Action’s video. Planned Parenthood went on to say in their statement that it does not believe “curtailing access to abortion services is a legitimate means of addressing sex selection.”

“Planned Parenthood has built their abortion empire on their belief that any abortion is a good abortion, even if it is motivated by the very discrimination against women that they claim to abhor,” said Rose. “Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first mentality leads them to defend targeting baby girls for extermination. When any of Planned Parenthood’s other ideological commitments comes into conflict with their abortion-first mentality, it’s clear that abortion always takes priority.”

Human Life International (HLI) has also joined a coalition of pro-life organizations partnering with Live Action and their Protect Our Girls project. Live Action set up the website as a hub of research and information on sex-selective abortions with a petition to ban “the unethical practice of sex-selection abortion in the United States of America.”


The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 – Undercover in Texas

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