Babies Aren’t the Threat, Nor Contraception the Solution

(Washington Times) – Through the dust kicked up by passing cars on a remote road in southern Rwanda, a striking image became clear as we approached: Four men carrying on their shoulders a man on a stretcher. The hospital in Nyakibanda was still miles away.

It was not only the determination of the four strong men that struck me, but also the fact that a herculean effort was required to get care for their friend or brother.

Unfortunately, examples of such extraordinary efforts to secure basic needs are quite ordinary in many parts of Africa. My travels have taken me to the outback of many nations, and I have been humbled by how people live with hope despite lacking what many consider essential goods, services and freedoms.

When I read American and European media reports on Africa, I sometimes wonder if I am, in fact, reading about my home continent.

This disconnect is reflected in the aid that many in the West think they owe to Africa. The most recent and most concerning example of this disconnect is the recently launched No Controversy campaign led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the British government.  Mrs. Gates and her partners, which include the world’s largest abortion providers, have launched an enormous campaign to provide contraceptives for women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Mrs. Gates’ efforts are a concern because apparently the only thing she and her partners intend to cure with this campaign is pregnancy, which is not a disease. One can’t help but wonder what the $4.6 billion they already have raised could do to bring effective medical care closer to those who need it rather than simply preventing our children from being born.

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