A Love Note from your Aborted Baby [VIDEO]

COMBERMERE, Ontario, August 15, 2012 (www.peterbaklinski.blogspot.ca) – With millions upon millions of babies whose lives have ended through legalized abortion, there are millions upon millions of post-abortive women who are suffering and in anguish because of a ‘choice’ they were told they would never regret. These women are hurting not only for the loss of their motherhood, but even more, for the irreplaceable loss of their son or daughter.

A Love Note from your Aborted Baby, a 5 minute film, seeks to awaken post-abortive women to the reality that their baby has not been lost forever, but that each child has an existence in God and is yearning to be reunited to a forgiven and healed mother at the end of life’s journey.

“The death of the baby is only one dimension of the tragedy of abortion,” said Peter Baklinski, director and producer of A Love Note from your Aborted Baby released today on YouTube. “Numerous ministries for post-abortive women have seen first-hand how abortion often shatters a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium. Abortion not only ends the new life inside the mother’s womb, but it assaults the very core of a woman’s femininity, which has been created to treasure and nurture life.”

“Crafting this film was a part of my own spiritual journey, the fruit of my prayer to God to give me a love for people, a love for my neighbor. People have often told me that I have a gift for touching people with my music. So, I began to experience a desire to reach out through my music to women hurting from abortion.”

“What led me to craft the film was my desire to reach out to post-abortive women. We are all ultimately responsible for one another and these hurting women are my sisters.”

“This film has ministered to me,” said Angelina Steenstra of Silent No More Awareness Campaign. After an abortion in her mid-teens, Steenstra journeyed through 14 years of substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and workaholism before she was able to come to grips with her abortion and discover healing.

“It’s the mercy and the gentleness of the film that will draw people in,” she said. “At one point, I just closed my eyes and felt Baklinski’s music touch my heart. I felt, through the music, this moment of intimacy with my lost children.”

A Love Note from your Aborted Baby was crafted using elements from Elizabeth Szeremeta’s mystical account of what happens to a baby’s soul after abortion, from Carol Hall’s painting Earth’s Trash-Heaven’s Treasure, and from John Paul II’s encyclical Evangelium Vitae.

“Baklinski has taken one person’s painting, another person’s encounter with Christ in a mystical vision, the image of Divine Mercy, words spoken by John Paul II, the gift of music that God has given him, and he has woven a beautiful tapestry with all these different threads,” said Steenstra.

Melanie Murphy, former director of a crisis pregnancy center in Tempe, Arizona, said that “Baklinski’s film — with the pictures, the music, and the words — tells a story of mercy that I hope all post-abortive women can both hear and accept.”

“What I appreciate most about this film is its kindness. It has managed to achieve something very difficult: it has maintained the delicate balance between acknowledging the horror and tragedy inherent in the choice of abortion, all the while inviting the post-abortive woman into the very real mercy and healing that God wants to offer them, and that their baby fervently wishes them to accept.”

Murphy, who has grieved alongside post-abortive women, says that she has witnessed the harm abortion causes to a woman’s “body, mind, soul, and spirit.”

“In order to cope, many women harden their hearts and go into a form of denial. When they start to face the reality of what they have done, the pain, the shame, and the self-hatred can be overwhelming. The temptation to despair can be great. A woman in this kind of shame and despair is in darkness.”

Murphy pointed out that A Love Note from your Aborted Baby “shines light” into the darkness encountered by women after abortion.

“The film does not dismiss or minimize the very real pain, grief, and violent evil that she has experienced and participated in. The film penetrates into the situation of the post-abortive woman. She is known. She is loved. By the end of the film, the woman has been invited back into relationship by the very one she longs for and fears, the child she has aborted.”

Baklinski prays and hopes that his film “speaks eloquently” of the healing that is available to post-abortive women.

“It is my hope that post-abortive women who view A Love Note from your Aborted Baby will find the courage to face what happened honestly and so begin the difficult but beautiful journey toward forgiveness and healing,” he said.

Note: If you have had an abortion and are: experiencing depression or feelings of unworthiness, feeling guilt, anger, shame or sorrow in relation to your abortion, using drugs or alcohol in order to cope, having abortion-related nightmares, dreams or flashbacks, healing is available.

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