RH “Reality” Check Blog Prefers Deception to Attack HLI

In the latest hit-piece on Human Life International (HLI), the author completely disregards reality in order to rile up hatred against HLI and pro-lifers in general.

The author of the attack, Robin Marty, describes herself as a “senior political reporter” for the pro-abortion blog. This itself is deceptive because what follows is not any kind of news or journalism one would expect from a reporter, but a factually inaccurate opinion article. Marty’s article attacking HLI is one in a series called “They Are Coming for Your Birth Control” with the subtitle “Condoms are ‘Murder’ and Contraception is ‘Rape.’” We can assume “they” are any organizations, individuals, etc. who don’t agree with Marty’s position on birth control. And since she is focusing on HLI in the article, “they” refers to HLI.

Of course the title of this article is completely deceptive as no one at HLI is proposing using any sort of force or mandate to keep women from accessing birth control, much less coming to take it away from them. And no one at HLI has implied that condoms equal murder or that contraception equals rape, but that doesn’t stop Marty from leaving that impression.

Marty focuses on a quote HLI’s director of education and research Dr. Brian Clowes gave to LifeSiteNews this week about the UNFPA declaring that birth control is a human right:

Declaring birth control a right means “everyone else must pay for…the new right” Clowes told LifeSiteNews, “even if those forced to pay for it may object to it on moral grounds. This violates the more basic human right of freedom of conscience, which has for some time now been dispensed with by UN ‘human rights’ champions.”

Marty says, “Human Life International is aghast at the idea that global groups might think it would be beneficial to both women and their families that they have some control over when they get pregnant.” This is obviously nonsense. It is definitely beneficial for women and their families to exercise control about when a woman becomes pregnant, but unless we’re talking about abusive situations, women already have that control. It’s called self-control. As individuals with free will, women can absolutely decide not to get pregnant by not engaging in sexual activity. This doesn’t cost women or U.S. taxpayers any money, there are no side effects (as there are with hormonal contraception) and we’re not attacking each other over red herrings and misrepresentations of our claims. That may not be a popular option with the RH Reality Check crowd, but it is reality.

She goes on to say, “They [HLI] are up at arms with the assumption that their tax dollars might somehow go to fund this,” and by “this” she means worldwide contraception. Well, yes, that is upsetting. A case could be made that it’s not within the constitutional purview of the federal government to spend U.S. tax dollars on worldwide contraception. But more importantly, HLI is a Catholic apostolate, and Catholics, who are not alone in their opposition to this, do not like being forced to participate in activities which violate our freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, as Dr. Clowes pointed out.

Marty then blatantly lies to readers by saying that “the article” claims “that IUDs and hormonal contraception both work to keep fertilized eggs from implanting, causing ‘abortions.’” What LifeSiteNews, an actual news website, reported is that the UNFPA stated, “A single emergency contraceptive pill, when taken within up to five days after unprotected intercourse, prevents a fertilized egg from implanting.” The UNFPA report also says that “a copper intrauterine device, when inserted within five days of intercourse, also prevents implantation.”  It is very important for the distinction to be made and for readers to realize that it’s the UNFPA, not LifeSiteNews, admitting that these forms of contraception prevent a newly fertilized egg—a new human life—from being born.

The UNFPA doesn’t consider this to be an abortion because they say that an abortion can only take place after implantation occurs. But the UNFPA doesn’t decide for all mankind when human life begins. Science tells us, and reason confirms, that human life begins at fertilization. Women who come across Marty’s article would have no idea that the UNFPA actually admits that these contraceptives they want more women to take can actually kill unborn human life.

But the deceptions don’t end there, as Marty then tries to link random reader comments on the LifeSiteNews article to the positions of HLI. “They are defining rape again,” Marty says before publishing a reader comment which has nothing to do with HLI. And judging by comments left on the article, RH Reality Check readers took the bait.

One would think a website focused on “empower[ing] people with the information … to guard against false attacks and misinformation” would be a little more careful about what they publish. If this RH “Reality” Check article is supposed to be a credible example to show that “they” are “coming for your birth control,” then that particular talking point, which never had merit in the first place, is dead.

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