Rest in Peace, Magaly Llaguno, Great Champion of Life

June 28, 2013 – CONTACT: Adam Cassandra | | 540-622-5230 |

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – With very heavy hearts, Human Life International announces the passing today of our dear friend, Magaly Llaguno.

HLI president Father Shenan J. Boquet said the following: “As many knew, last year Magaly suffered a relapse of cancer that was particularly aggressive, leading to her resignation from Human Life International earlier this year so she could focus primarily on her health and treatment. I was just one of many who were struck by her joy and peace even amidst great suffering during this last year. With the various treatments and the pain she was enduring, she continued to send emails and call colleagues to keep them inspired, to translate and share important articles and documents, to stay in the fight with every ounce of energy that she had. Her love and gratitude for her family, as well as her longtime pro-life friends and colleagues was an obvious source of joy.”

Magaly started in the pro-life movement over 40 years ago, working from her own home at first as she helped to start several pro-life groups, including National Right to Life. In 1984, Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, founder of Human Life International, asked her to be the Executive Director of Vida Humana Internacional (VHI), the Hispanic Division of HLI, to defend life and family in Spanish speaking nations, and she accepted, pouring her heart all she had into the work.

Over many years, Magaly developed a network of affiliated and collaborating organizations throughout Latin America and Spain. This network not only continues today, but in fact is working better than ever, its leaders and colleagues continuing to win victories for life today. The network began through Magaly’s efforts to bring leaders together at the first international pro-life congresses of Latin America, of which she was the chief organizer.

With VHI’s affiliate in Mexico, Comite Nacional Provida, led by Jorge Serrano, Magaly helped to create a network of crisis pregnancy centers throughout Latin America – a network that today has over 120 centers and has saved untold thousands of pre-born babies and their moms from abortion.

Magaly personally saved many women and children from abortion, often giving her own resources, and fought to keep anti-life sex education out of Miami schools. Even while fighting for her life during the last year, she continued to collaborate with the USCCB, as well as with many pro-life leaders to bring Project Rachel and Respect Life Committees to Latin America. Magaly was given the 2011 “People of Life” award from the Pro-Life Secretariat of the USCCB for her work as a leading advocate for life internationally.

Magaly was the key player in developing the most-visited Spanish language pro-life web site in the world,, which often averaged 3 million hits a month, leading to many lives saved and countless pro-lifers being moved to join the fight for life. She participated in countless interviews and gave countless presentations, to small groups and to thousands, all with her unique passion and conviction.

“We will sorely miss Magaly, a sister in the battle for life, a joyful defender of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. What kept Magaly going through thick and thin, through terrible personal suffering and setbacks, was her conviction that God had called her to do this important work. Her ‘yes’ to God saved thousands of lives and brought many champions together. Fighting for truth and life until the end, leaving nothing on the table… We would do well to learn from such a courageous and faithful witness,” said Patricia Bainbridge, chairman of the board of Human Life International.

Father Boquet asks all who fight for life to pray for the repose of Magaly’s soul, and for all who mourn her passing. Eternal rest grant unto Magaly, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace and may all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

About HLI: Human Life International: For the Glory of God and defense of Life, Faith and Family. Founded in 1981, HLI is the world’s largest international grassroots pro-life and pro-family organization, with affiliates and associates in over 80 countries on six continents.


Friends Remember Magaly

As those of us who were closest to Magaly mourn her departure from this earth and her welcoming into her Father’s home, we remember her most salient virtues, the result of the grace of God and her ever faithful cooperation with it. Magaly had a holy “stubbornness”, a blessed passion for life, an unstoppable drive to defend the most vulnerable among us (the unborn, the sick and the elderly), a saintly resilience, and an unquenchable perseverance in the face of the most incredible odds and obstacles. What can I say in a few words? I had the privilege of working side by side with her for almost 20 years. Too many are the anecdotes, too many the inspirations, too many the examples (big and little) that edified me, taught me and made me what I am today as a pro-lifer! Magaly’s death has left indeed a big void in the pro-life world, but we know that we can fill it with the grace God, which will pour out upon us at her request. By words and example, she taught us not only about how to defend life but also the virtues that make that work fruitful unto eternal life. – Adolfo Castaneda, Director of Education for Hispanic Outreach

Magaly was a holy and dedicated woman whom you couldn’t help but love, and she was always ready to listen. I miss her already. – Joseph. M. Scheidler, National director, Pro-Life Action League

Magaly was a champion of the prolife movement.  Many years ago she told me that God told her she wasn’t going to die until she had completed everything He had for her to do, and that He would give her His strength.  That’s the only explanation for her being able to persevere these many years through the many trials she suffered.  I am a better person for having known Magaly and will miss her strength, encouragement, and loving presence.  Rest in peace, mi querida hermana. – Jo Tolck, Executive Director, Human Life Alliance

Magaly was a great champion of the unborn and one of the most gentle persons I have ever met. Years ago when we were trying to find asylum for some women, she helped us find refuge for them in Ecuador.  I am sure the Lord has said to her “Well done good & faithful servant!” – Dr. Patricia McEwen. Director, Life Coalition International

From the time she tried to save one of her unborn brothers and sisters who were aborted by telling her mom at the age of 15 that she would take care of that baby, even though she did not know what an actual abortion was; to when she was called to be one of the very first pro-life activists in the United States (and the world for that matter), to when Fr. Marx asked her to found the very first Hispanic pro-life organization, to the last 13 years of battling terminal cancer, Magaly never stopped being an instrument of the love of God for his children. She could have given up many years ago when some abandoned, disregarded or slandered her, and her own family suffered tremendous blows. But, instead, she remained steadfast in her unwavering belief that God called her to this work and she would be faithful. That is the fire that fueled Magaly’s resolve and humble spirit. She was truly a meek and humble servant of Jesus, carrying the cross that He gave her with great peace and complete trust. – Jacqueline Debs, Magaly’s assistant at Vida Humana Internacional from 1992 to 2009

Let us thank the Lord for this great lady who was so dedicated to the cause of Life, Family and Faith! May she rest in the Lord, and may her family be comforted. – Dan Zeidler

Magaly was a true warrior for Christ. All of us here at American Life League will miss her more than mere words can say. She was a great promoter of all that is good and beautiful about life, and her best asset was always her loving smile. Magaly shared her wisdom with us on many occasions and inspired us with her leadership. We are deeply saddened by her passing. She was without doubt one of the greatest champions of God’s innocents and now she has gone home. May she rest in peace. – Judie Brown and staff, American Life League Inc.

Magaly was a fearless fighter against Planned Parenthood in Central and South America. I worked closely with her during the time I was writing a series of booklets on IPPF for Human Life International. Always a gracious lady and dedicated to the children. She will be missed. – Jim Sedlak, American Life League

Magaly was a great pro-life “warrior.” For many years, Magaly worked closely with me and with Heartbeat International, especially with our Spanish-oriented pregnancy help centers and leaders, always looking for ways to unite and serve each other. She was responsible for the first Spanish translation of Heartbeat’s LOVE Approach, the counselor training manual now used in all of the CAM pregnancy help centers in Latin America. Magaly’s work and accomplishments were outstanding. However, perhaps even more powerful and inspirational was her personal faith and trust in the Lord and her hopefulness. Magaly was a living example of how the Lord can heal even the deepest wounds and make a person whole again. He then transformed her into His emissary to help bring love, hope, and healing to the world. I thank the Lord for allowing me (and Heartbeat) to know Magaly and to have served with her in this vineyard at this point in time. – Peggy Hartshorn, President of Heartbeat International

I personally will be missing our dear Magaly. She has certainly done a lot and her generosity, commitment and dedication to the mission even amidst pain and suffering was a great inspiration to me. Farewell Magaly and rest with eternal joy as you claim your eternal reward in the company of the angels and saints in heaven, where you will no longer feel any pain. And whisper to Jesus and our Blessed Mother to keep the mission of HLI in their love and care. I will always love you Magaly, and remember with fondness everything we shared in our last meeting at HLI. THANK YOU for everything that you have done for the world. – Dr. Ligaya Acosta, HLI Regional Director for Asia and Oceania

Rest in Peace my precious friend, mentor, supporter and friend when I received cancer news. Rest now my beautiful friend. Love you. – Anne Lastman, Victims of Abortion (Australia)

May Magaly indeed rest in peace, and may our Saviour welcome her into the joys of our true home, the heavenly kingdom of our Lord. She was absolutely indomitable in her defense of the weakest and most vulnerable among us. A courageous voice has been stilled, but we will have her prayers. Pro vida! – Father Joe Fishwick, Archdiocese of Miami

I am very sorry about the departure of Magaly, who was a woman who possessed a strong faith and love for the things that matter most to God, which is life itself. – Rodrigo Arteaga, Vida Humana Internacional webmaster

Magaly was also so gentle and kind in her interactions with people, those who did not know would have no idea she was suffering. May her memory be eternal. – Fr. Benjamin Johnson, LifeSiteNews

Magaly was able to accomplish all the good she did in safeguarding and promoting the sanctity of human life because her first passion has always been the merciful and Sacred Heart of Jesus. She worked with intensity and urgency not because she saw herself as the one who could “fix things,” the one on whom success depended. She knew that every success, every accomplishment was God’s alone and to his glory, not hers. Her urgent diligence–which I’ve long admired and still struggle to emulate–sprang instead from her understanding that every moment of our lives belongs to God and that we can love him only in the present moment–love him by spending hours daily with him in prayer and by doing his will every waking moment, with all the energy and determination we can muster. May she now at last rest joyfully in the peace and the love of the Lord whom she served so well! – Susan E. Wills, Assistant Director for Education & Outreach, USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities

From the earliest days of Priests for Life, Magaly Llaguno was an inspiration to me and our whole team. She helped us immediately begin our outreach to Spanish-speaking Catholics, and was a trusted resource throughout the years. Joy, vigor, determination to fight anti-life forces, and tremendous faith always marked what she did and said. As I continue my work, I will hear her voice in my ears for many years to come. – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

We will sorely miss Magaly, a sister in the battle for life, a joyful defender of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. What kept Magaly going through thick and thin, through terrible personal suffering and setbacks, was her conviction that God had called her to do this important work. Her ‘yes’ to God saved thousands of lives and brought many champions together. Fighting for truth and life until the end, leaving nothing on the table… We would do well to learn from such a courageous and faithful witness. –  Patricia Bainbridge, chairman of the board of Human Life International

With great sorrow, we accept that Magaly has returned to the House of the Father. We had a strong fraternal relationship and we agreed in all matters related to the defense of life and family. Now we have an ally in Heaven, a saint to whom we can ask for help. Magaly gave her life for the cause for life and family with her last moments. She was not simply a pro life warrior; she was a pro life gladiator because she never lost her strength and greatness in the midst of these circumstances. She was a splendid and magnanimous woman, and a great friend. We will miss you very much, Magaly. – Dr. Oscar Botta, President, Foundation Action for Life and Family (HLI Argentina)

There is joy because Magaly completed a life full of holy merits. She was prepared for this final moment. We remember her profound reflections: ‘I suffer from a grave illness that I will probably not survive. I do not make long term plans because I know that my future is uncertain. I leave everything in the hands of God and I try to live each day as if it were the last one. I ask God daily to carry out in me His Divine Will. And since God has loved me as no one else could, everything that happens is for my good. To all I beg that after my death, to pray to God for me and also for the members of my family, so that He can console them with His Divine Love.’ We ask this holy woman for her intercession before God in this battle for life. – Father Miguel Manzanera, SJ, President, Apostolate for the New Evangelization for Life (HLI Bolivia) 

With profound sorrow, respect and admiration, I ask for your prayers for this great fighter for life and family who has left us a legacy which is the love for our brothers and sisters and for God above all things. Lord, grant her perpetual rest and let the eternal light shine on her. May she rest in peace; Amen. – Dr. Sonia Vera, President, Foundation Life and Health (HLI Bolivia)

Magaly Llaguno was a great defender of life who left to go to Heaven. I met her personally at various HLI international conferences. She helped us very much in Brazil. We owe much to her. She came personally to Brazil, at our invitation, when we held the first international conference for life and family, organized by HLI Brazil. I was one of the first persons invited by Father Paul Marx to work with HLI. I had the opportunity to accompany her to Daily Mass during several of my visits to the United States. She was very devoted to Our Lady and to Jesus as Divine Mercy. May the Lord of Life console her family members, who will one day encounter Magaly in the House of the Father. – Dr. Humberto Vieira, President, Association for Life and Family (HLI Brazil) 

In these moments, I can only express infinite gratitude to God for allowing us to share some time with this most beloved daughter and to ask the Holy Spirit for the gifts of faith and consolation for her family, and for the entire family of the worldwide fight for life. Let us say with the Church: ‘May the Holy Angels lead you to Paradise. At your arrival may the Martyrs receive you and bring to the Holy City of Jerusalem.’ Thank you Magaly, dear friend, and accompany from Heaven all of those of us who continue to do battle here on earth. – Eduardo Zúñiga, United for Life and Family, HLI collaborator in Chile 

The Foundation Culture of Human Life join in solidarity with the sentiments of sorrow shared by Human Life International and all of its affiliate organizations located in the different continents, with the parting of our dear and admired sister and friend, Magaly Llaguno. The Lord inspired her to consecrate herself to life and family. Her faith, strength, and joy, allowed her to overcome several health difficulties, which she faced with courage, and which intensified her impetus and firmness her apostolic work. And so she became an example for all of us who had the privilege of learning from her. In Heaven they rejoice with the arrival of one, who through her heroic mission saved innumerable lives. We now ask our unforgettable Magaly to intercede before Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother, to bless, guide, and protect in abundance our actions and activities for life in the world. – Gladys de Amaya, President, Foundation Culture of Human Life (HLI Colombia)

Our dear sister Magaly, who has accompanied us in all of our battles, with admirable clarity and courage, for love of God and for the most small and weak, will continue to accompany us in Heaven. Now she has entered into the joy of her Lord. Joyful may she be! And let us also be joyful for having known her. – Dr. Alejandro Leal, President, Association for the Defense of Life (HLI Costa Rica)

For many years we have had a relationship with Human Life International, and we have been in close contact with Magaly. She gave us of her strength and vitality to always continue in this endeavor. She helped us to start the wonderful defense of life in the Dominican Republic. Magaly was in love with the defense of life. Surely she is now in the arms of the loving Father, and from there she will continue encourage us and to assist us in this crusade. – Carlos Burgo, President, Bridge Movement (HLI collaborator in the Dominican Republic) 

With much sorrow we have learned of the passing of Magaly Llaguno. We express our sincere condolences to her family, friends and co-workers for life. We are certain that Magaly, a woman of faith and courage, is in the presence of the Lord praying for us and for her legacy. May the Lord bring her into His glory and bestow on her the crown won for all of her life dedicated to service, self-giving, and sacrifice, which is now an icon and model for all of us. We join in the prayers for the eternal and joyful rest of Magaly. – Zulay Arévalo, President, Foundation for Pro-Life Action (HLI Ecuador)

We thank God our Father for giving Magaly Llaguno to us. Her dedication to the cause for life was the cause of God. We thank God for her many years of leading a simple life of study, prayer and service to the victims of the culture of death. Her illness led to her maturity in holiness. It is hard to find today a person who has lived out in their own lives the effects of the culture of death, and yet to have responded with generosity to the seed of the culture of life that God planted in her heart. I was blessed to know her. She offered her life for priests as a good third order Carmelite; she saw in us the presence of God. She was a disciple of the Crucified Christ: ‘I came so that all might have life and have it to the full’ (John 10:10). – Father Juan Carlos Chávez, Director, VHI Priests and Seminarians Network Program 

To Magaly Llaguno: we will gather together in Mass to give thanks to God for your life and for your human dignity. We will be united with you in the communion of the saints. I knew about you and your work about twenty years ago and since then I wanted to follow in your footsteps. It was an honor to meet you, to be close to you, and to learn from you. Together we wept and prayed together many times for the parents who have lost their children by abortion. During the last years of your life, you thought much about these parents, and you wanted them to know of the loving and merciful Heart of Jesus. Thank you for having sown in my heart so much love. I will remember that you called me your spiritual sister in Christ. Do not forget your promise to send me white roses. – Nancy Tosi, Director, VHI Project Rachel Network Program

We deeply lament the death of Magaly, a woman who has left us an invaluable legacy and a testimony of the enormous love that God has for us. He, who is faithful, will keep His word for Magaly: ‘Behold I will send my angel, who shall go before thee, and keep thee in thy journey, and bring thee into the place that I have prepared.’ (Exodus 23:20). We are certain that she will be interceding for us together with Father Paul Marx. We thank God for the gift of having known this marvelous and courageous woman. Let us raise our prayers to God for her eternal rest so that she can strengthen us to follow the path marked by Magaly, in the defense of the truth about life and family, carrying with holiness His cross, which will lead us to the glory of the Almighty. – Julia de Cardenal, President, and Georgina de Rivas, Executive Director, Foundation Yes to Life (HLI El Salvador)

I want to thank Magaly Llaguno for her labors in the defense of life that has saved innumerable lives. She is an example for us. Thanks to her efforts we have an HLI affiliate in Guatemala which is of much importance to my country, to fight for life, family, and for our faith and Christian values. Please accept my condolences on the occasion of the death of a great friend. We pray for Magaly and are joyful that she is near God and enjoying the eternal life. Now more than ever, because of her closeness to God, she will intercede for our causes. She will continue to be a warrior of God in the fight for the defense of the culture of life. – Alfonso Brañas, President, Association for Life and Human Dignity (HLI Guatemala)

Our Lord, in His great love for Magaly Llaguno, took her to Heaven and we have the certainty that she lives in the House of the Father, enjoying the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, in the company of Our Most Blessed Mother of Guadalupe. Magaly was a tireless defender of life, who enflamed hundreds of hearts with the grace of the Holy Spirit, whom she moved to work for this marvelous apostolate. Magaly lives united in our hearts through the Mystical Body of Christ. She is now part of the Church Triumphant and we of the Church Militant. We ask our Mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe, so that the work of Christ in which Magaly participated, will continue to extend its efforts in the defense of the life of the unborn. The parting of Magaly is a blessing for her and us who now have an intercessor in Heaven. – Jorge Serrano, President, Foundation Culture of Life (HLI Mexico), and Lourdes Delgado, Director, VHI Crisis Pregnancy Center Network Program

From meetings that I held in the United States with Father Paul Marx and later with Magaly, the Nicaraguan Association for Life was born. In everything that we did and accomplished, especially with the young university students of HLI Nicaragua who studied, served, and sacrificed, was the permanent support and encouragement of Human Life International. Without HLI we would not have been able to accomplish so much. I share in the joy of knowing that we have a dear person beholding the face of God, interceding for all of us, for our Church, and for the culture of life in the whole world. From the most profound of our hearts comes forth a torrent of love, gratitude, admiration and recognition of her immense humility, wisdom, sacrifice and self giving to God, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and the unborn children who are the most defenseless, the poorest of the poor. – Dr. Rafael Cabrera, President, Nicaraguan Association for Life (HLI Nicaragua)

Our dear little Magaly is now in the loving arms of the Father, who is our good God! And from there she will be able to help us very much, more than ever! Blessed be God and blessed be our Mother, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Thank you Magaly! We know that from Heaven you will help us even more, and of that I am certain. – Gloria de Rodríguez, President, Foundation for Life and Family (HLI Panama)

We profoundly lament the death of our dear sister and friend, Magaly Llaguno, but we are sure that she is enjoying the Glory of God. We will always remember Magaly for her good humor and her impressive strength. She offered her sufferings for this arduous work in defense of life. She would send us messages of support to continue to work for those who need us the most. With her absence we feel that we have lost a pillar in our lives. We are certain that our Lord will fill her with joy, peace, and that will help to encourage us to continue to work so hard as was done by our dear sister and friend Magaly. We pray to God for the eternal rest of Magaly and make these prayers extensive to her family members. Peace for her soul. – Ivonne de Martinelli, President, Foundation Offer a Home (HLI Panama) 

The sorrow that I felt when I learned of the death of Magaly Llaguno was very intense, which continues to be with me. She helped me with her experience and dedication to defend human life. My gratitude to her is enormous because she made an enthusiast of human life. She would also send me educational materials. We had a good friendship that I will remember always. She was simple, open, and supportive of the defenders of human life. I think she suffered much especially in the last moments of her illness. Is it possible that our Lord already wanted her to be in His Kingdom, as soon as possible? I extend my condolences to all of Human Life International, and to her close family members. – Dr. Néstar de Stark, President, In the Service of Love and Life (HLI Paraguay) 

We are a great family formed by Magaly Llaguno. She carried out every effort with dedication and energy. She reminds us of the message of the Gospel: ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me. For he that will save his life shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.’ (Matthew 16: 24-25). We are aware of the great emptiness that she has left on earth, but we are certain that we have gained an intercessor in Heaven. Magaly has marvelously concluded her time on earth. Thank you Magaly, for all of the love you gave us, for the formation of so many pro life leaders, thank you for so many families and children saved by your messages. We know that you will continue to labor in Heaven. – Dr. Gloria Adaniya, President, Dr. Martín Tantalean, Board of Directors member, Center for the Promotion of the Family and Natural Fertility Instruction (HLI Peru)

The Guadalupe Center for Life and Family joins in the expressions of condolence, not only for the family of Magaly Llaguno, but for the family of Human Life International. We are encouraged in knowing that she is returning to the House of the Father, because of her witness to life, done in sanctity of life. In union with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Teacher, she fought for the values of the Gospel and for the dignity of the human person at every stage of life, all of which has served us as signs of example and encouragement. – Dr. Luisa Burgos, President, Guadalupe Center for Life and Family (HLI Puerto Rico)

We present our condolences and join with the pro life movements in the world on the occasion of the decease of the tireless and tenacious warrior for the cause of life, our sister, Magaly Llaguno. She was a pioneer in the defense of human dignity at a difficult time. For many, Magaly was a fountain of inspiration, of love without limits, of guidance and hope, in confronting all those who stand against human rights in the world. She supported our labors, and being receptive and generous, made our concerns her own. She was committed to prayer for life and a point of reference for those of us who have felt the call of God to not be indifferent before the worst holocaust in history. Her spirit was purified and sanctified by suffering, and she has now gone on to receive the crown, having ‘fought the good fight’ (2 Timothy 4:7). – Dr. María Freira, President, Association for Hope (HLI Uruguay)

I wish to make known to the Human Life International great family my deepest condolence on the passing of Magaly Llaguno. We met in Spain several years ago, and she impressed me with her fraternal kindness and enthusiasm for this mission, the cause for life, which was such a strong part of her own life. Her work on behalf of the culture of life was very strong, in a world that, in great measure, no longer understands human anthropology, and has thus allowed for the culture of death to take over in multiple places. Yet, thanks to Human Life International, and to persons like Magaly, one can see the first blossoming of a coming spring, with a total renewal towards human dignity. I pray for this illustrious defender of life and for the noble institution to which she belonged, with the highest esteem and friendship. – Dr. Grace Núñez, President, National Council of Laity of the Venezuela Catholic Conference of Bishops 

We have learned of the death of Magaly Llaguno. She was an outstanding witness of the sacred value of all human life, and was a point of reference and an exemplary model for many years for all of us. ‘The glory of God is the man who lives, and the life of man consists in the vision of God.’ These words are from Saint Ireneus of Lyon, whose feast day we celebrate on 28 June, which was the day that Magaly died. Blessed Pope John Paul II cited these words in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae. These words reflect the life and works of Magaly. She dedicated her life to defend human life, that is, to defend ‘the glory of God’. May she may already enjoy the true life which is the vision of God. May Mary Most Holy, Mother of Life, Consoler of the Afflicted, comfort her families and friends. – Margarita Fraga, President, Association Evangelium Vitae (HLI Spain)

I think that the best way to describe Magaly is that she was a mother to everyone. Not only was she a warrior for life and a leader inside the pro life movement, she was also an incredible person! I remember so many anecdotes. It is said that one of the characteristics of a saint is that they make a person feel as the most important person in the world, and that certainly describes Magaly. She was also very joyful. But her daily prayers were very important to her, which infused much life in her.  She listened to me, believed in me, supported me, assisted me in my formation to do pro life work, and thanks to her Association Spei Mater was established. Magaly, I think you will spend your time in Heaven, as Saint Therese of Lisieux, working with us and interceding for us as you always did. – María Mansilla, President, Association Spei Mater (HLI Spain)

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