Over 500lbs of Pro-Life Resources Heading to Kenya!

From our world headquarters in Front Royal, Virginia, Human Life International ships pro-life materials to our affiliates around the world. From books and educational pamphlets to prayer cards and DVDs, HLI supplies our pro-life missionaries with the tools they need to reach hearts and minds in the battle to defend and protect the sacredness of life and the family.

Some of the materials HLI is sending to Kenya.
Some of the materials HLI is sending to Kenya.

We’re about to send out a huge order (over 500lbs of pro-life resources!) to our country director in Kenya, Father Rafael Wanjohi. (The cost of shipping alone is over $2,600!). HLI sends out these types of large shipments to other affiliates as well. Fr. Wanjohi has created an extensive network of pro-life professionals, such as attorneys, doctors, students and seminarians, across Kenya to help spread the Gospel of Life. Many of these pro-lifers volunteered recently for the week-long HLI Kenya operation at the annual Nairobi International Trade Fair—a big local event.

Fr. Wanjohi was also instrumental in the opening of a Natural Family Planning (NFP) clinic in November 2011 where he counsels couples on using NFP. As part of the counseling, Fr. Wanjohi teaches the couples about the many harmful side effects that come from using contraceptives—which are pushed heavily in Africa by Western governments and NGOs. Some of the materials HLI is sending Father describe the medical and scientific aspects of these side effects that are harmful for women, and there is also information on the Catholic Church’s moral teachings on contraceptive use.

"Newman's Works" donated by Christendom College.
“Newman’s Works” donated by Christendom College.

In addition to the materials HLI is providing, we’re also sending Fr. Wanjohi a special set of books donated by our friends at Christendom College. Father is assisting with the creation of a new seminary in Kenya and visited Christendom when he was visiting in the U.S. recently. Christendom donated an early 1900s printing of the collected works of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, whose feast day was yesterday. This generous donation will surely be a valuable resource for Kenya’s seminarians.

Please continue to pray for Fr. Wanjohi and the pro-life movement in Kenya, and all of HLI’s pro-life missionaries!

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