Discussing Population Control with the Tanzania Media

Emil's interview with Channel Ten.

Emil’s interview with Channel Ten.

This past week our office received visitors from the media who wanted to talk about some of the current issues that affect our society in Tanzania, including population control.

The first to arrive were two journalists from Channel Ten television. They wanted to know about the population control agenda in our country, taking into account the massive marketing of contraceptives, abortifacients, sterilization and abortion in the media. During the interview, I highlighted the connection between media propaganda on contraception and the massive campaign that is going on to limit child birth, with the ultimate goal of reducing the “rapidly growing population.” I argued that, in fact, our population is still very low compared to smaller countries, like the UK and Germany, whose populations are 63 million and 82 million respectively. Yet countries across Europe are in the grips of demographic winter. Tanzania’s population, now at around 47 million, is very small considering that our country is three times bigger than the UK.

Two other journalists also came to speak about contraception and population control, one who works for Times FM radio station and another from UHURU FM radio station. They came with an extract from a news bulletin in which the Tanzanian Health Minister, Dr. Seif Rashid, laments that contraception prevalence rate is still low, now at 27%.

He made these remarks when launching a campaign for the private sector to make financial contributions towards increasing the acceptability of contraceptives. He linked the non-use of contraceptives to high maternal and child mortality rates, especially in the rural areas. At the campaign launch, the Canadian Minister of International Development, Christian Paradis, reiterated his country’s commitment to continued financial support in the health sector to help reduce maternal mortality rates. Of course, this Canadian financial commitment means more funding for population control programs in Tanzania.

Radio station journalists.

Radio station journalists.

In my response, I told the two journalists that this huge push for controlling the fertility of Tanzanians with the ultimate goal of reducing population was given a boost when our president accepted wholesale the false “solutions” to poverty offered by Melinda Gates two years ago at a summit in London. Ms. Gates claimed there was “no controversy” in pushing contraception onto poor women in Africa, and it would solve a host of problems.

During the summit, the Tanzanian president complained to the international population control community that population increase in our country was contributing to the government’s inability to function properly. He pleaded with the donor community [population control community] to increase funding so that he could raise the contraceptive acceptability rate to 60% by 2015 from the current 27%.

Wow! Just in two years? That is why there is such strong push for contraception, abortion and sterilization in my country.

And U.S. government numbers show they are planning to spend $26.8 million in Tanzania this year on “family planning” and “reproductive health.” More population control from our “friends” in the Western world.

Better health care and improved economic development are needed in Tanzania, but eliminating her people and her family-centered culture is not the answer. Please pray for our efforts to fight back against the propaganda of the culture of death here in Tanzania as we work to build a culture of life.

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