HLI in the News: Fr. Boquet Comments on U.S. Morality Poll

Gallup-US moralityAs LifeSiteNews.com reports, a new Gallup poll on morality shows that a large majority of Americans feel that a number of issues considered mortal sins in the Catholic Church are “morally acceptable” to them personally. Human Life International President Father Shenan Boquet reacted to the poll saying the results show the need for faith leaders to be more engaged in preaching on moral issues.

“The acceptability of these evils is a direct result of people not being engaged in public debate against those trying to force us to accept these issues,” Fr. Boquet told LifeSiteNews. “That’s why it’s so important for faith leaders to speak out and find new ways to help the public understand moral teachings on controversial issues.”

From the LifeSiteNews report:

“When the popular trend in society is to bully people who believe in God and persecute those who try to live out their faith, how can we not expect the morality of the public to suffer?” Boquet asked.

“This poll is an example of how the tyranny of moral relativism can impact our culture. Representatives of government, the mainstream media, academia and the entertainment industry have pushed Americans away from God for decades and towards acceptance of a secular ‘morality’ where individuals decide right and wrong based on how they feel,” he said.

“It’s highly probable that almost all of the people polled in this survey would admit that they belong to one of the major religions of the world,” Boquet added. “All of these faiths hold teachings against most of the issues on Gallup’s list. And yet these people are telling pollsters they’re okay with behavior that is absolutely immoral and sinful according to the teachings of the God they claim to worship.”

Boquet particularly called on Catholic leaders to be brave in their opposition to the secular onslaught, as their Church is one of the last remaining holdouts against the tide of public opinion supporting innovations like same-sex “marriage” and artificial contraception.

“Catholic priests and bishops, who are often the prime targets of public attacks because of the Church’s moral teachings, must be especially vocal and bold in proclaiming and teaching the faith on these issues,” Boquet said. “And they must delve deeper beyond the issues themselves to the root of the problem: the rejection of God’s truth.”

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