Impact of HLI’s Pro-Life Missions

Many communities around the world are turning to HLI’s pro-life missionaries – women and men with significant experience in developing strategies to confront the Culture of Death and laying the groundwork for a Culture of Life. Together they discuss how “safe sex” leads to the wide use of contraception, which inevitably leads to the relatively new phenomenon of “unexpected pregnancies,” and then, logically, to abortion on demand. Over the years, HLI’s missionaries have educated people all over the world on how to defend life and family in their own communities.

After a 50 hour journey via remote roads and international airports, Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, explains how their pro-life mission to a remote part of Namibia was an occasion of great grace and camaraderie, leading many to commit to becoming pro-life leaders in their own villages and communities. Conferences such as those hosted by Mr. Hagamu and his team are an effective tool for communities to counteract anti-life agendas and renew their faith in Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Life. This is just one of the many ways HLI brings to the pro-life movement authentic impact that adheres to Catholic Church teaching.

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“You are doing the most important work on Earth!” Pope Saint John Paul II told this to HLI Founder Fr. Paul Marx, OSB over twenty years ago. This remains true today for all who fight for the life and dignity of the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters.

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