Pro-Life Training Crucial for Cultivating Kenya’s Future Leaders

Father Boquet and Father Rafael Wanjohi at HLI
Father Boquet and Father Rafael Wanjohi

Like all nations, Kenya is in desperate need of more pro-life doctors, lawyers, teachers, and civic leaders. Men and women in these key professions have great influence on the future of our country. Recognizing this reality, and as part of our mission to build a Culture of Life, Human Life International Kenya has a special focus on training university students to be pro-life leaders in their future careers.

Our pro-life missionaries reach out to students about organizing pro-life clubs and associations on campus and in their community, providing resources and training. HLI Kenya also invites student leaders from these various universities to attend an annual pro-life training conference. Over a three-day period, we go into great depth on the pro-life teachings of the Church, the latest medical and scientific information, and the anti-life threats to Kenyan families. This conference typically takes place in Nakuru, and the former Bishop of Nakuru, His Excellency Peter J. Kairo—who is now Archbishop of Nyeri—lends great support to HLI Kenya in this effort.

If one wants pro-life priests in parishes, then one has to form them as pro-lifers while they are seminarians. The same is true for the laity in their various professions. Therefore spreading the pro-life message in the universities is key in our mission to change the culture.

Fr. Wanjohi offers Mass for volunteers.
Fr. Wanjohi offers Mass for volunteers.

HLI Kenya is currently planning a pro-life conference for student leaders to take place May 15-17 in Nakuru at St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre. Select leaders from Kenya’s pro-life university chapters will assess the current pro-life situation in universities and greater Kenya. Please pray for these young pro-life leaders, and the success of this event.

We must cultivate new pro-life leaders to defend Kenyan families against the global “reproductive rights” agenda, the imposition of gender ideology, and the many other anti-life issues overshadowing Kenyan culture. With God’s grace, they will be the generation to stand firm upholding traditional life and family values in Kenya.

May God continue to bless our life saving mission and give us victory over the evils we face as we spread the Gospel of Life in Kenya, and around the world.

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  1. surely,, may God bless us all as we promise to not only walk behind you but walk with you in defending, protecting and promoting life from conception to natural death.LIFE IS SACRED.. GOD BLESS MY MUM FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO WITNESS THE WONDERFUL CREATION OF OUR GOOD LORD.

  2. how can I join this Human life international Kenya.
    I am interested.
    martin from maseno university Pursuing criminology

    1. Great work and mission. Professor this has been your career for a very long time. Wishes you a happy Christmas. Njoka Dom, Kirinyaga County

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