HLI Rome’s Bioethics Library Helps Priests and Seminarians

Fr. Christopher Vimalraj Hiruthya thanks HLI for their bioethics research library in Rome.

Fr. Christopher Vimalraj Hiruthya thanks HLI for its bioethics research library in Rome.

Anyone who has accomplished a great personal or professional goal, especially if it required years and countless hours to accomplish, knows the sense of relief that follows that moment when it all comes together. Though such moments can certainly be a source of personal pride, the wise person also experiences a great gratitude to those who helped him reach the goal. Ultimately, of course, we can do very little on our own, and nothing without God. In this case, we bring to your attention the HLI bioethics library.

When Father Christopher Vimalraj Hiruthya, a student at the Accademia Alfonsiana, defended his doctoral thesis two years ago, he too had much to be grateful for – for colleagues and teachers, family and friends, and especially the grace of God that helped him achieve his great goal. His dissertation title was The Proposed Legalization of Euthanasia in India: A Moral Theological Reflection and Response, and his work will help many to understand better the moral implications of end of life decisions in India and elsewhere.

Among those whom Fr. Hiruthya is grateful is Human Life International (HLI), whose bioethics library in Rome proved vital to his research.

According to Fr. Francesco Giordano, Director of the Rome office, priests who have doctoral aspirations seek HLI Rome both for its resources and for guidance on their research topics. Many are surprised to find that despite the large number of students who pursue advanced degrees in bioethics in Rome, there are few libraries with adequate research. The HLI Rome office, though not large, is full of books and journals that students use for their research, bringing HLI the added benefit of helping form current and future religious and clergy who will counsel those with practical dilemmas in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Many find aid through the office’s vast library of authentic Catholic academic and professional resources.

Marcello Ricobaldi, Rome library administrator, represented HLI at Fr. Hiruthya’s dissertation defense.

“For more than three years, HLI Rome helped me find critical research which enabled me to complete my thesis successfully,” Fr. Hiruthya said. HLI is a spiritual haven for those who desire to spread the Gospel of Life in their future ministries, he added.

It is for this very reason that Fr. Hiruthya, a native of Bangalore, India, sought help for his doctoral thesis. Having completed his dissertation, he will return to India as the rector of a minor seminary and professor of bioethics for those studying in their last two years at the major seminary.

HLI Rome’s location next to the Vatican makes it a convenient location from which to serve these future leaders of the Church, and welcomes many into the HLI family who will return to seminaries as instructors and administrators, like Father Hiruthya.

“We are honored to serve the Church by providing this essential resource,” said Father Giordano. “Father Hiruthya and many other brilliant students go on to form other priests and religious, who will in turn be better equipped to lead others to have healthier families and communities. We have much work to do, and we are overjoyed when our friends like Father Hiruthya reach their academic goals with help of the HLI bioethics library and put them to use serving the people of God.”

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