Seminarian Experiences Transformation After Pro-Life Training

Seminarian Experiences Transformation After Pro-Life Training

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As a student in my third year at Christ the King Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Nyeri, I am grateful for the training and inspiration I have received from Human Life International Kenya. When I complete my formation in 2020, God willing, I plan on making the defense of life and family a key part of my priesthood.

My involvement in the pro-life movement began with HLI Kenya in 2012 when I joined the seminary. Many blessings have poured forth from my participation in several pro-life seminars, workshops, and annual conferences sponsored by HLI’s Seminarians for Life International.

Pray for an increase in vocations and for seminarians in formation around the world.

Pray for an increase in vocations and for seminarians in formation around the world.

I was raised by a single mother, who experienced many struggles and humiliation just to give birth to me and raise me properly. I am so proud of her, though this was not always the case. As an angry and confused youth, I used to think of myself as an outcast, without a father and without my father’s last name. It wasn’t until later that I understood the love and courage my mother showed in raising me as she did, and I hope I have inherited some of her wonderful qualities.

Life issues were not important to me until I joined the movement following the HLI event. I feel encouraged to continue discerning the priesthood and ready to fight for the sacredness of life – even, or perhaps especially, the lives of children of single mothers.

Despite being a faithful Catholic who attended Mass regularly and was catechized at my parish, I had never had any priest share with me the importance of defending life and family. Perhaps these values were simply assumed in Kenya, though they are clearly under attack and assuming their presence is no longer a safe assumption.

The noble efforts of Father Wanjohi and HLI Kenya are very much appreciated by my colleagues and I as we prepare to become priests serving the Church and greater community. I hope more seminarians have similar opportunities to improve and supplement the formation they attain from the seminary.

May God bless Human Life International and its benefactors for the sacrifices made on the behalf of seminarians and priests in Kenya!

George Gitonga Wamuyu

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    Fr. Samuel Gatimu November 19, 2017 at 2:55 PM - Reply

    Am a witness to this great mission. Join us as we work within mission. God bless Seminarian George.

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      Kageni Harrison November 20, 2017 at 5:58 AM - Reply

      I can also attest to the experience that I have read above. Good work Seminarian George. Am also a member of HLI-Kenya, and I have also benefited from its teachings on protection of human life.
      God bless HLI all over the world!

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    Ndeere Elias November 23, 2017 at 6:07 AM - Reply

    Anyone who had an encounter with the good work of the movement experiences a kind eureka, you come to know that promotion of life Is a priority.
    The time has come to move the gospel of life from the halls of discussion to the pulpit.
    Thanks seminarian for commitment to such a noble task

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