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Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Abortion Drone Stunt Promoters Outdone by “Johnny”

It wasn’t a good idea, but it may have sounded like one.

To draw attention to the “plight” of poor Polish women, whose country has outlawed almost all abortion, abortion advocates would use two drones to “airlift” doses of RU-486, the abortion pill, from Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany across the border to other abortion activists in Slubice, Poland. The stunt certainly raised the eyebrows of those who know that one can drive through the open border between the countries without attracting the attention of the authorities to what would be an illegal act. Indeed, this likely happens already. But attracting attention was, of course, the point.

Questions about the plan’s practicalities aside, however, it is reasonable to assume that the strategists who devised this scheme were unaware of the dark history their plan would recall. It wasn’t the first time deadly poison was sent into Poland from Germany. Polish affiliates of International Planned Parenthood Federation, together with the pro-abortion group Women on Waves, only needed their poison to be carried a few meters, to cheers for sympathetic activists and media. They would have needed a bigger aircraft to get their poison the additional 300 miles to Auschwitz, where German poison was sent into Poland over seven decades ago.

The fact that RU-486 was developed by a pharmaceutical company born from the breakup of the company that created the chemicals that killed millions in Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps was, however, not lost on those who showed up to crash the feminist celebration in Slubice.

Women on Waves and IPPF’s desire to “rescue” poor Polish women from pregnancy also calls to mind the eugenic philosophy that Hitler shared with Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes and other “progressive” eugenicists from Germany, the UK and US. So the drone sent from Germany triggered ugly memories for some Poles. Young pro-life activists called the drone “Mengele,” after the infamous Nazi doctor whose experiments on the poor and disabled and promotion of eugenics are well known in this part of the world.

Interestingly, on the German side – where abortion is legal – the police confiscated one drone, though one had already landed on the Polish side around 11am on June 27th. In a sad but revealing irony on the Polish side, where RU-486 may not be sold or distributed, police did not intervene.

Responding to the made-for-media stunt in Slubice, a group of young Polish and German pro-lifers were not to be outdone by the abortion stunt promoters. They brought with them hundreds of plastic models of an unborn child at nine weeks’ gestation. In Poland, pro-life activists have taken to calling the models “Little Johnny,” as they are often given to women who are considering abortion, but are not aware of the degree of development of the tiny human being whose life is at risk.

"Little Johnny" represents a 9-week old unborn baby.

“Little Johnny” represents a 9-week old unborn baby. Little Johnny models are available from HLI.

So several dozen “Little Johnnys” were handed out to abortion advocates, onlookers, police, and journalists.

“The result was shocking. Nothing in the world could make the feminists hold Little Johnny,” said Lech Kowalewski, assistant director of HLI Poland. “Several panicked and dropped the small baby models, while others in attendance on both sides held them up for selfies that spread all over Polish social media.”

“Little Johnny was the star of the day, appearing on TV stations and in photos in newspapers and web sites, most of whom were very much in support of the abortion drone stunt,” said Kowalewski.

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  1. prolifemama on July 14, 2015 at 5:31 PM

    The image, of feminists being afraid of little plastic models of babies, is absolutely delightful. The name of “John” for these pretend-babies is entirely appropriate, after St. John, the youngest Apostle, to whom Jesus entrusted the care of His Mother. I am certain that all aborted babies pray in Heaven for their mothers on earth.

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