Statement from HLI President Father Shenan J. Boquet, regarding the video showing a Planned Parenthood medical director discuss the sale of body parts from aborted children:

“How banal has this evil become, when a Planned Parenthood medical director can chomp on salad and sip wine while talking about how best to kill a tiny human being in order to extract his heart and liver without damaging them? Planned Parenthood still somehow manages to stand out as the most evil and corrupt business in the history of our very sick nation. Their corruption quite clearly comes from the head and heart of the organization, and can no longer be written off as the random errors of various affiliates.PPparts

“The US government has given Planned Parenthood pass after pass despite many revelations of its malfeasance and corruption, keeping hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars flowing to this sick and very profitable ‘non-profit’ business. We can only pray that this most recent revelation will wake up what remains of the consciences of our leaders in Washington, leading to a massive investigation of this evil abortion business and the prosecution of all who have let this evil persist.”