HLI Welcomes New Director for Rome Office

Father Francesco Giordano, a diocesan priest and professor in Rome, Italy, was announced today as the new director of the Rome office of Human Life International. He succeeds Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula, who represented HLI in Rome for 16 years before moving to HLI’s Virginia headquarters in 2014 due to health reasons.

“Father Francesco emerged early as an excellent candidate to continue Monsignor’s and HLI’s essential work in Rome,” said Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of HLI. “A young and faithful priest who has a heart for the defense of life and family and excellent academic credentials, Father Francesco is a welcome addition to the HLI family. And since he came highly recommended from Monsignor Barreiro himself, we are very confident that Father can continue to grow HLI’s impact in Rome with Church officials, as well as with priests and seminarians in academia.”

Ordained a priest in 2009, Father Francesco was one of many seminarians who have made regular use of HLI’s bioethics library, where he met Monsignor Barreiro in 2006. He intends to promote this feature of HLI’s outreach in Rome: “The idea of the library in the office is key because that way we work directly with lay, religious, and priest students from around the world working on important issues in bioethics.”

Fr. Francesco received his BA from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, an MA from the University of Chicago, and a doctorate in systematic theology from Santa Croce University in Rome.

“The theological and educational background of Fr. Giordano will be very helpful as he assists those who pursue graduate studies in Rome,” said Monsignor Barreiro. “One of the main activities of the Rome Office is to work with priests and seminarians, encouraging them to strengthen their formation on life and family issues and to be strong defenders of the constant teachings of the Church on life and family.”

“I see myself trying to continue that role as best I can since I myself benefited very much from Monsignor Barreiro’s guidance during my licentiate and doctoral studies in Rome. As a professor in different Roman pontifical universities, working with seminarians from around the world, I see that as an added benefit,” added Father Giordano.

The oldest of three brothers born in different countries around the world, Father Francesco has had both an international perspective and a great love of the Catholic faith from a young age, which made his decision to become a priest a natural one. He credits a love of the traditional liturgy and the good example of many priests and bishops as being key to his discernment of his own vocation, and friendships developed in America with sparking his interest in the defense of life and family.

HLI’s Rome Office is key to HLI’s mission to defend life and family from the heart of the Church, employing Catholic social and moral doctrine in addition to scientific and data-based arguments. With this perspective, the HLI Rome Office coordinates with other pro-life and pro-family organizations and networks with curial officials and other partners in Rome.

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  1. Kathleen Goryl on July 25, 2017 at 8:23 PM

    I am a Catholic healthcare professional. I would like to discuss a bioethics issue with Fr. Francesco Giordano. Do you have his email address?
    Thank you.

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