Coerced Abortion is a Reality

“D” is a young woman living in Uganda. When D became pregnant, she sought help from her parents and the father of her child. Sadly, the three were not supportive, and coerced her into scheduling an abortion.

Coerced abortion is a reality

Steven, a coordinator for HLI Uganda, found out about D and her scheduled abortion and intervened. He met with D and offered her the support that she was looking for. With the help of HLI Uganda, D decided not to have the abortion.

Her parents were furious. They would not allow her to come home, telling her to go live with the man who got her pregnant. The father of her child, however, had disappeared when he heard that the abortion had not taken place. HLI Uganda found a place for D to stay until they could convince her parents to bring her home.

Coerced Abortion is Not Rare

Cases like D’s are common around the world, and, unfortunately, many of them don’t end as well as this difficult story. The pro-choice movement tries to make it seem like more women are forced into pregnancy than abortion. But coerced abortion is not rare. In a study of the effects of abortion on American and Russian women by Medical Science Monitor, 64% of American women who had had one abortion said others pressured them into the abortion. 37% of Russian women said the same. 79% of American women and 72% of Russian women said that parental involvement was not helpful in their abortion decision, and 64% of American women and 41% of Russian women said that their partner did not offer support during their pregnancies.

At a time when a woman needs help the most, many do not receive it. Pregnancy can be a scary time for many reasons, especially in our anti-life society. A pregnant woman must figure out how to make a baby work with her job, financial situation, and her relationships. If the people closest to her are open to life, they will be a source of comfort and help. Too often, though, friends and family of a pregnant mother are a source of distress, as they convince her that a child is too inconvenient, even if she does not want to abort.

The Rights of Women Over the Right to Abortion

The pro-choice movement is the biggest promoter of coerced abortion. Those who promote abortion say they believe in informed decisions. They speak of rights for women, and yet they cover up cases of abuse, including rape and incest. They speak of gender equality, and yet only women are forced to kill their unborn children to keep their jobs. They speak of empowerment, and yet they promote harmful drugs and life-threatening procedures over the knowledge of one’s own body.

Those who promote abortion speak of choice, and yet Medical Science Monitor found that 54% of American women were not sure of their choice at the time of their abortion. Pro-abortion legislators claim that a mandatory 24-hour waiting period would be an undue burden to a pregnant woman, and yet 51% of American women said they needed more time to make their decision.

A man has no legal rights over the decision to keep his child, but a man who wants to abort is the greatest threat to a pregnant woman. In fact, the leading cause of death among pregnant women is murder.

It is time for the pro-choice movement to face the reality of coercion. It is time for them to put the rights of women above the right to abortion.

D’s Story is Just Beginning

This difficult chapter of D’s life has a happy ending. Fr. Jonathan Opio, country director for HLI Uganda, was able to visit her parents a week later, and though it took a while, he was finally able to reconcile D and her parents. D was welcomed back home after Fr. Opio promised that HLI Uganda would continue visiting and offering support whenever possible. A rescued victim of coerced abortion, D is now able to raise her son or daughter to love and protect life.

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