On the Passing of Norma McCorvey

On the Passing of Norma McCorvey

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Following is a statement from HLI president Father Shenan J. Boquet on the passing of Norma McCorvey, a pro-life advocate who is best known as the plaintiff in the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case that legalized abortion throughout the United States. She died in an assisted living home in Katy, Texas.

Norma“The entire HLI family today prays for the soul of Norma McCorvey, a great champion of justice for unborn babies. Through many personal trials, Ms. McCorvey by her own admission made terrible choices and was victimized by many, including the disreputable lawyers who used her during a very vulnerable time to legalize abortion for the whole country. As we now know, her baby was never killed in the womb, though millions have been since.  Ms. McCorvey deserves great credit for seeking and receiving God’s mercy, and did all she could later in life to stop the abortion juggernaut that not only victimized her, but victimizes millions of women and kills millions of babies.

“Would that we all had such courage and trust in God to let Him reform our lives and stand so publicly against evil. Today, even in our mourning, we give thanks for Norma, and for her courageous witness for life. May Our Merciful Lord grant peace to Norma’s soul and grant her eternal life in Heaven with Him and the Church Triumphant.”


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    Dr Geraldine Sanjay February 27, 2017 at 7:08 PM - Reply

    Rest in Peace Norma!
    May you intercede for us at the Throne of Heaven to welcome every precious & mysterious human life on Earth as it Should be!
    Thy Will be done O Lord!

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