VIDEO: Fr. Francesco Giordano: From Divorce to Transhumanism

Father Francesco Giordano, director of HLI’s Rome office, gave this talk at the Rome Life Forum 0n May 18th, 2017. Following is the abstract, or descriptive summary, of Fr. Giordano’s topic.

“When we talk about rights today, we often think of individual rights because this is a concept that has seeped into our mentality since the Enlightenment, but why not consider family rights? Isn’t the family the essential unit of the societas perfecta so highly praised by Popes like Leo XIII and Pius XI? In this talk we will look at how the Magisterium of the Church since the papacy of Benedict XIV in the 1740s has defended the marriage sacrament so as to defend the family and, fundamentally, man. We shall also consider the so-called “gender issue” from a metaphysical perspective, and then we shall see how it is only one part of a long chain of events from contraception, abortion, and divorce which have threatened the family and man himself. Finally, we shall see that the anthropological changes in man that result from these changes in his social rapports are being confronted by a transhumanist mentality that is a sign of man’s demise, and the only response to all of these threats is found in strong traditional family units.”

For the full text of Fr. Giordano’s talk, visit the Voice of the Family web site here.

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