Guardian Story Nothing But Fake News

“Report” Rife with Errors

(HLI, Fort Royal, VA)  On July 27th, The Guardian (U.S.) published a story alleging many erroneous facts. We can report many of its claims are totally unsubstantiated or incomplete. The international pro-abortion industry has invested a lot of money trying to legalize abortion in El Salvador. To date abortion is thankfully still illegal in all circumstances.

The Guardian, being pro-abortion, calls this policy “ruthless”; it is God-given! To date, the pro-abortionists have failed. So, they produce stories of women not having “reproductive rights,” the phrase just being a pro-abortion euphemism.


Fake News

We know from Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Co-Founder of NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, who later became pro-life and a Catholic, that pro-abortion forces routinely lie and inflate figures to suit their cause. Such is the case here.

  • The Guardian states women are imprisoned 30-50 years for miscarriages or obstetric problems. FALSE. There are no women jailed for abortion. When pro-abortion groups do find any women in jail, it is rather due to homicide against their newborns. That is a crime in the U.S., too.
  • The Guardian alleges: “Thousands of women and girls have been forced to continue pregnancies that are the result of rape. Last month, a 19-year-old who became pregnant after she was raped was sentenced to 30 years in jail after suffering a stillbirth.” Again, FALSE. According to our representatives in El Salvador on site, the girl never said she was raped. She said the father of the baby, her boyfriend, threatened her not to say she was pregnant or he would kill her and her parents. If pro-abortion groups cared for women, they would take legal action against the boyfriend. She gave birth to an almost full-term child of 32 weeks, after which she drowned the baby in a septic tank (fecal residue was found inside his lungs which proves he was born alive and breathed). See the Spanish article.
  • More fake news. Ready? The Guardian alleges women are “even dying.” It continues: “There have been cases of doctors refusing to perform chemotherapy for pregnant women with cancer or refusing to treat ectopic pregnancies until the woman’s fallopian tubes burst.”  It is true the Catholic Church does not condone or permit abortion under any circumstance. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, it is morally licit to to treat the mother, though the medical procedure may result in the unintentional death of the unborn child. If the condition is left untreated, it is probable that both mother and child will die. What is quite sad about that situation is the lack of medical research on finding ways to save the life of the child. Modern medicine is content to sacrifice the Fallopian Tube and the human embryo rather than investigating ways to save both.

In any case, El Salvador’s doctors do not have their hands tied to let women die if there is a complication in their pregnancy. To paraphrase the country’s Penal Code, Article 27, numbers 3 and 6 explain the doctor can act to save the woman.  If the baby dies during the intervention, it was unintended and the physician will not be held accountable. According to HLI President, Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, “It’s inconceivable that we don’t have women’s best interests at heart. The side effects of abortion are traumatic to women, however much the other side denies it, and they range from infertility to death! How can pro-abortion proponents condone something so dangerous to a woman and her baby?”


Guardian Terms Pro-Lifers “Women Haters”

Actually, The Guardian is condemning most of El Salvador. According to Population Research Institute (PRI), only 2% of the country even finds abortion morally acceptable. So much for “deeply polarized Salvadorans” (The Guardian). This is another case of the pro-abortion industry pushing its agenda on a country that doesn’t want it, and fighting back. See the Population Research Institute’s research.  There’s a war going on out there to save innocent lives. Also according to PRI, 2014 financial statements alone indicate  the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which is trying to force its agenda, gave at least $194,253 to organizations supporting its cause in El Salvador through its Safe Abortion Action Fund, and over $7.4 million worldwide.
Notice that you will never hear The Guardian publish anything about the 5,500 babies and their mothers saved from the violence of abortion, at Sí la Vida’s crisis pregnancy center, nor about its home for unwed mothers who are victims of abuse. But who ever said they played fair?

Sí la Vida contributed to this report.

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  1. Kelly Clark on August 10, 2017 at 11:41 AM

    Fecal matter in a baby’s lungs in a common condition resulting from inhalation of meconium. It is not proof of murder.

    Otherwise, I would expect you to defend tour position.

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