Chilean High Court Chooses Abortion

Human Life International regrets the legalization of abortion in Chile. In the decision 6-4, the High Court had to adjudicate the law passed by pro-abortionists, because the Chilean Constitution guaranteed the life of the Unborn. Now abortions may be done on young girls as young as 14, due to the measure sponsored by Chilean President Michele Bachelet. The cases are restricted to “health” of the mother, fetal abnormality in the baby or rape. Human Life International President, Shenan J. Bouquet stated: “Tragically, the death peddlers win and Life loses. Let us pray the Chilean people will recognize the aggressive assault upon their children and future by their current president and legislators and demand justice for the unborn. If unchanged, we will see a gradual acceptance of abortion and eventually a cry for full legalization.”

The official reaction of the Catholic Church in Chile has been to decry the new law, just as pro-abortion groups like Amnesty International applaud it. The Catholic Episcopal Conference issued a statement, including: “The resolution that has just been adopted …offends the conscience and the common good of the citizens. The entire society is the one that loses when legalizing abortion in Chile, even under certain conditions. We are facing a new situation in which some unborn human beings are left unprotected by the State in this basic and fundamental right.” Lifesite news quoted 90-year-old Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez calling the legislation an “atrocity”  and said of Bishop Cristián Cordero of Puerto Montt: “The reason given is the ‘right of the woman to decide’. To decide on the life or death of your child? Who gave you that right?”

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