HLI Philippines Holds Country’s First Rally Against Divorce Bill

Human Life International (HLI) has reported more than once on Filipino House Bill 6027, its attack on marriage and evils of divorce. Ironically, sponsoring House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has termed the legislation a “dissolution of marriage” bill, but as the Catholic Church already has the annulment procedure for dissolution of marriage, it is in truth a divorce bill. Alvarez is a non-Christian supported by lawmakers like President Rodrigo Duterte, who have public problems with their married lives. 

In response, August 22nd Human Life International (HLI Pilipinas) initiated a country-wide Rosary Prayer Rally in Cebu City, at the Pilgrim Center of the Basilica Minore del Santo. One thousand were in attendance, nearly half of them young people, including student members of different Marian organizations. The primary objective of the demonstration was to strongly protest the government’s proposed anti-marriage bill in a nation that is 86% Catholic.

Rally speakers included HLI Country Director, Dr. Josef Bullecer, Mrs. Zenaida Belcina, President of the Council of Marian Devotions and Fr. Sherwin Nunez, a Monfort Missionary priest focused on the power of the Rosary. Ms. Belcina urged people to “grab the …Rosary to crush the evil designed to destroy homes and families.” Nunez made mention of victories attributed by massive praying of the Holy Rosary, like the Battle of Lepanto.

Dr. Josef Bullecer: ” For me, one of the best ways to show our opposition is through a prayer rally, knowing that our country is a predominantly Catholic. This bill, if passed, will surely create un-imaginable havoc in Filipino families. Instead of strengthening them, this will loosen the unit and worst is, the legislation creates a non-religious vacuum, enticing engaged couples to marry in civil courts rather than in the Church. Then the bill, if passed to law, would provide an ‘easy out’ if so-called marriages fail.” Bullecer stated there are dedicated Catholic lawmakers as well, though, who are keeping a watchful eye on this bill.


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