Perpetual Adoration Healing Romania

HLI Romanian Adoration Chapel Celebrates 11th Anniversary

The pronounced spiritual benefits of perpetual adoration before the Blessed Sacrament are infinite. And Adoration is helping to heal Romania. Human Life International’s (HLI) Romanian Affiliate, led by Gerda Chisarau, hosts a perpetual adoration chapel which will celebrate its 11th anniversary this September 15, 2017. Its aims are simple: adorers pray for peace in the world, expiation of sins, and a stop to abortion. Romanian has the second highest rate of abortion in the world. The HLI Affiliate is located in Timisoara, in the far west of the country, near the Hungarian border.

Pro-Life Activity Booms

Dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, Gerda asserts this is the only such adoration chapel in all of Romania. Since its establishment, Gerda reports pro-life activity is rapidly expanding:

“Our pro-life activity has become prolific since then. We held many pilgrimages with the Icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Romanian cities but also as far away as the Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, Vietnam and Kazakhstan. We organized the first March for Life with only 20 people in Timisoara in 2007 and now these marches have grown to 285 Romanian cities under Our Lady of Guadalupe’s patronage. Now these same communities are promoting life events and even the media covers pro-life debates.”


Romania and Our Lady of Guadalupe

This past March, 2017 in Bucharest alone, at least two thousand demonstrated – including Orthodox priests – to protest abortion.

HLI Romania especially thanks Father Justo Lofeudo from Our Blessed Lady of the Holy Sacrament Congregation. He spent two months in Timisoara, preaching at all the Catholic and even Orthodox churches, in order to gather enough adorers – seven hundred in number! He proclaimed through adoration one could change the world and help to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

Father Justo Lofeudo

Father Justo Lofeudo

Adoration involves sacrifice and love in sharing time with Our Lord and Savior in His presence in the Eucharist. One supporter, Sorina, has traveled 100 km or 60 miles for years, every weekend, in order fulfill her two nightly adoration hours. Another, Anda, decided to do adoration at night, because she noticed elderly people coming and expending more effort than she had been offering up. She also says her prayers helped her find a good husband! Leo, only 18 years of age, has discovered a priestly vocation, saying, “I find relief in all of my problems, He makes me happy and it is the best spent time because in Heaven I will do exactly this, adore Jesus forever!” And so the testimonies continue, many prayers allegedly answered – even healings.

Healing Desperately Needed

Healing is desperately needed in Romania, where the reported abortion rate is the highest in the European Union and second highest worldwide after Russia. Abortion has been used as family planning and many women have had repeat abortions. Pro Vita Bucharest reports over 200 abortions take place daily. Statistics vary but the population of Romania today is close to 20 million inhabitants. State hospital statistics illustrate reported abortions from 1958-2016 number greater than the entire current population, over 22 million. Unreported abortions would bring the number significantly higher. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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