Hurricane Harvey Victims Need Help–Not Free Abortions

They did it again. A “charity” is collecting funds for pregnant women displaced by Hurricane Harvey in order to help them… terminate their preborn babies. The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity of Texas is the nonprofit to blame, as the group proudly states on their Facebook page.

On September 11th 2001 one of the only businesses not to close in the midst of the chaos following the terrorist attacks and destruction of the Twin Towers was an abortion center in Brooklyn. Planned Parenthood ran ads offering free abortions for 12 days in September 2001, “to reach out to women who have been displaced and ease their fears.”

According to their twisted mindset, a compassionate response to the massive death and destruction of September 11th was killing preborn children at a bargain price… After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the abortion chains made the same “charitable” offer, because nothing says “I care about you” like a free or subsidized abortion…

The abortion industry was just begging for headlines like this one: “This is a great investment if you think the biggest problem with Harvey is that it didn’t kill enough people.” 

They also came up with an incredible name for their group to assist women to abort, The Lilith Fund. For those with some literary background, it is a most appropriate name for a group that helps to make sure a lack of funds is no impediment in taking the life of a preborn child. Lilith figures in Jewish mythology. “Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.”

There is nothing I could possibly add to that, except that the Lilith Fund proudly proclaims in their 2016 Annual Report, “84% of clients were women of color.”  So almost all those they “helped” were minority women who “needed” an abortion. They even make this extraordinary admission on their website. “We have a responsibility to accept that racism has played a part in the reproductive history of the United States and not to continue to perpetuate racism.”  So how are you countering this by helping, almost exclusively-84%, to kill black and Latino babies Lilith Fund!?

I am just grateful that assisted suicide is not legal in Texas or Louisiana. After all, following the same logic the culture of death would offer free suicide pills to all those people who, having lost everything, would rather die than face the huge task of clearing the wreckage and starting again. I can see the ads. “Had enough of Harvey? Check out of this mess permanently with our exit pill.” Helicopter and boat search crews finding victims could offer rescue or euthanasia to those in trouble. The bean counters would be happy for reduced natural disaster costs since fewer victims would need food, water and shelter… Though this may be satire as I write it in 2017, there is sadly no guarantee that our swiftly sinking culture might not embrace such ideas in the future.

What really touched my heart about the disaster response to Hurricane Harvey was the heroic and generous impulse to help of so many individuals and groups. Teenagers set out in private boats and took people to safety. Texas showed beautiful community spirit in mobilizing every resource available to save human lives. Texans stood in long lines to volunteer to help. They donated their time, money and goods to rescue total strangers. That is what the culture of life looks like.

This stands in marked contrast to the culture of death. Their representatives sit around posh air-conditioned offices bemoaning that, along with everything else, the abortion centers had to shut down temporarily. Perhaps we could prioritize re-opening abortion centers over hospitals and supermarkets… After all, they provide essential “women’s health services,” with a special focus on minority women.

Hey, Lilith Fund, leave Hurricane Harvey victims alone. They are better off without your bloody kind of “assistance.”

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