Missouri Down to One Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Three Planned Parenthoods Blocked Before Doors Open

Three Planned Parenthood abortion centers have been stopped within days of opening.  Human Life International’s President, Father Shenan Boquet, is ecstatic: “Lives will be saved! Pray these mills are all shut down, that those who perpetrate these crimes are converted and turn back to God before it is too late. Pray that our political leaders will somehow develop the courage to do what they must do, and defund the evil empire that is Planned Parenthood.”

Missouri is one of 18 states requiring clinics performing abortion procedures have an established relationship with a nearby, local hospital. A lower court had blocked the law’s enforcement but, according to LifeNews.com, the block was lifted late last week, when Missouri’s Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the preliminary injunction. Those Planned Parenthood clinics that cannot comply with the state licensing requirements are in Columbia, Springfield and Joplin. The legal move is temporary, as the State still has to go back before the full Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to argue in favor of the licensing requirements.

LifeNews reported that Attorney General Josh Hawley stated by email: “I applaud the Eighth Circuit’s decision. The health and safety of Missouri women will now be protected while the court considers the merit of our appeal.” It also quoted Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue: “We are very grateful for the last-minute reprieve from the Eighth Circuit that allows the Department of Health to fulfill its duty to protect the public. Licensing these substandard facilities for abortions would have been a grave mistake that would have cost the lives of babies, and endangered their mothers.”

Unfortunately, a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Kansas City, MO was not impacted and will be dispensing abortion pills as soon as next week.

Abortion is Never Safe

Pro-abortion forces routinely contend abortion is “safe” and that relationships with nearby hospitals are unnecessary. Every abortion kills a child and contains potential for harming the mother. There are hundreds of cases where ambulances are called annually. Operation Rescue says it is hard to know how many women need additional medical attention following abortions, because clinics often avoid calling except as a last resort. But the organization has reported that the St. Louis, Missouri Planned Parenthood has called an ambulance 64 times dating back to 2009.



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