November 25th Marks Seventh of Austrian Marches for Life

Fighting for Austrian Babies

Jugend für das Leben (“Youth for Life”) is the force behind all 2017 Austrian Marches for Life. 

Austrian Marches for Life

(L) Human Rights for All, Before and After Birth (R) Love Them Both

This year six demonstrations have already taken place in the following Austrian cities: Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt and Dornbirn. The last March for Life this year will be held today, Saturday November 25th in the capital, Vienna. Jugend für das Leben has requested participation from additional pro-lifers, as well as prayer support. It stresses all Austrian Marches for Life are peaceful.

Empowering Women Conflicted Over Pregnancy

Hundreds are expected to join Vienna’s March for Life. Participants are demanding government action in support of both the woman and her unborn child. Women, says Jugend für das Leben, need attention and compassion, often facing pregnancies on their own and sometimes with pressure to abort. Instead of ignoring such extreme psychological pressure put on them – even from physicians – they must be supported. Furthermore, the group believes in fighting for a society where politicians create and promote life-affirming alternatives to abortion, like adoption.

Spreading the Pro-Life Message

Long-term, these young people want to create a country-wide network, uniting as many supporters as possible. Like Human Life International, Jugend für das Leben is committed to protecting human life from conception to natural death. The goal? To raise awareness, testifying to the dignity of each human person.

National Council Election Offers Limited Hope

In October, 2017,  the election of the National Council was held. The outcome has encouraged some in the pro-life movement, as neither of the two parties with the highest votes wishes to be seen as actively promoting abortion. However, neither does either party categorically reject abortion.

Sebastian Kurz, chairman of “Österreichische Volkspartei” (ÖVP) issued the statement below:

On the subject of abortion…we must create conditions that make it easier to say “Yes!” to having a child. This includes having countless crisis pregnancy centers, which specifically treat those women in crisis. In addition, it’s important to enlarge upon family- and child-friendly frameworks [in society]. This way, the determination for or against a child’s life will not be dependent upon financial or organizational  hurdles. And last but not least, we must further such education in the family and schools.

Heinz Christian Strache, chairman of “Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs” (FPÖ) issued a statement which unfortunately also does not reject abortion. His party merely attempts to remove incentives to money-making by abortion providers.

Thanks to “Marsch fürs Leben Wien” for photos and information in this report, Press Speaker Myroslava Mashkarynetsas, well as HLI’s Joannes Bucher of “Lebenszentrum Salzburg.”

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