15,000 Turn Out for Dutch March for Life

“Never before have so many turned up for a Dutch March for Life in the Netherlands…” Irene van der Wende

Pink and blue flags mark the Unborn

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its euthanasia policies. This week the nation broke with tradition when 15,000 turned out in freezing weather…for the Dutch March for Life in the Hague.

According to Irene van der Wende, founder of websites Abortioninformation.eu and AbortusInformatie.nl: “Never before have so many people turned up for a Dutch March for Life in the city of the seat of the government.”  In addition to staged events, a temporary memorial  featured pink and blue flags as a symbol for the 31,000 babies killed last year in the Netherlands. Marches for Life are expanding in Europe.

Demonstrators from Abortioninformation.eu

The crowd assembled, held signs but was generally quiet, praying, singing a psalm, and listening to speakers. LifeSiteNews reported there were numerous speakers: Kees van Helden of Cry for Life, Kees van der Staaij of the SGP party, which represents the Reformed Christians in the country, Gert-Jan Segers, parliamentary member  for the ChristenUnie (Christian Union) party, Peter Smith, U.N. Lobbyist, pro-life leader Alex Van Vuuren and others. Irene van der Wende, who is post-abortive herself, stated: “Our volunteers [also] bravely displayed abortion victim images as people passed by, their faces etched with a combination of amazement, shock and disbelief.”

Abortion is, of course, legal in Holland, generally up to 24 weeks of age. According to Ms. Van der Wende, children as young as 12 may be granted an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. “Indeed, the Netherlands pushes their barbaric feminist agenda as an angel of death, whose tentacles seek to devour as many babies as possible globally through ‘mail order murder,’ by Dutch pro-abortion groups like Women on Waves and Women on the Web.”

“Abortion sucks the very life’s blood of a nation.”

A nation’s wealth is in its population, with European population is generally shrinking. The Dutch fertility rate has not been at replacement level since long ago, in the 1970s. 

“These babies are not objects, they are extremely vulnerable and must be protected. We are killing our descendants, throwing them in the bottom of a garbage bin – I did this with my child as well – as if they are worthless. This says nothing of the dignity of the babies, but speaks volumes of the adults.” Ultimately, though, she feels the Culture of Life will prevail. Dutch March for Life

“We are on the winning side…”

Currently the abortion industry in the Netherlands is also bankrupt, guilty of fraudulent billing on a massive scale. This may in part account for the increased turnout at the Dutch March for Life. CASA, or the Center for Contraception, Sexuality and Abortion Assistance, is a major abortion chain who did half of the abortions in the Netherlands.  Now all seven offices are declared bankrupt, after newspapers discovered CASA and others defrauded the public of 15 million Euros. While the government is trying to re-open the clinics, it will take time. Meanwhile lives are being saved.

One last thing. Irene’s aborted baby was conceived in rape, but the abortion was so traumatic she now says, “I will fight to the last gasp for the injustice we inflict on these babies.”


For her Dutch testimony on Facebook which you can read a bit with the translator function, click here.


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