The Massacre of Pennsylvania’s “Holy Innocents”

The Slaughter of “Holy Innocents” Continues…in Pennsylvania

December 28th marked this year’s Feast of the Death of the Holy Innocents. King Herod had spoken with the Magi, who were seeking the King of the Jews. Feeling Him a threat to his kingdom, Herod wished to find and kill the Infant Jesus. When the Wise Men did not return to tell of His location, Herod slaughtered all male children under two years of age (St. Matthew, 2:16).

Over 30,000 babies died this year in the Keystone State. While the Health Department abortion data could not be located online for 2017, the Pennsylvania pro-life federation has summarized the results and states the majority of victims would have been born to mothers between the ages of 20-24.

The Good News and the Bad

Abortions are down 3% in the Mid-Atlantic State. According to Life News, this translates into nearly 1,000 lives saved in one year.  And according to the research arm of Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute, state abortions have declined 12% between 2011-2014.

Had Governor Tom Wolfe not chosen Monday to veto a pro-life bill passed in Pennsylvania, there would be more cause for rejoicing. Senate Bill 3 would have eliminated dismemberment abortions after 20 weeks. Medical professionals agree babies feel pain by 20 weeks, possibly already by 13-14 weeks. In these abortions, true “holy innocents’, babies, are torn apart and removed piece by piece. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation issued this statement.:

“No living child should have to endure being ripped limb by limb from a mother’s womb, and no mother should have to endure the emotional pain of losing a child in such a brutal manner. Governor Wolf’s distressing decision goes against the will of the vast majority of Pennsylvanians, who want to see cruel dismemberment abortions banned, once and for all.”

The Keystone State’s Pro-Life Heritage

Pennsylvania proudly lays claim to former Governor Bob Casey (Sr.), the Democrat forbidden by his party to speak at the 1992 Democratic National Convention because of his pro-life views. He would have cringed to know that in the U.S., one of only seven nations to allow abortion after 20 weeks, his home state allows routine abortions up until six months.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey (1987-1995)

There is a requirement of permission by a parent for minors. There is a 24-hour informed consent law. But these do not go far enough. Abortion is allowed in the last trimester in cases that endanger the life of the mother or where “pregnancy would result in irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.”

As we celebrate the birth of Our Savior during the 12 days of Christmas, let us also remember the deaths of the Holy Innocents. The Catholic Church recognizes them as martyrs, the first to die for Christ, indeed in the place of Christ. Let us ask their intercession for today’s “holy innocents”, the precious unborn.

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