Irish Supreme Court Denies Inherent Right to Life

St. Patrick Would Turn in His Grave

This week we will celebrate the Feast of Ireland’s famed patron saint, St. Patrick. And tragically, The Irish Supreme Court ruled Friday that the only unborn rights guaranteed to unborn children are those safeguarded in the Eighth Amendment. This controversial decision flies in the face of the claim that the nation’s constitution defends the right to life, as many including the Irish bishops believe. As most of our readers will know, a referendum May 25th will determine whether the Amendment stands or falls. Should it fall, abortion will be legalized, possibly up to birth. Almost defiant in predicting its desired outcome, the pro-abortion government has already issued its abortion guidelines, should the campaign to Save the 8th fail.

save the 8th


Irish Bishops and HLI React

The same day as the Irish Supreme Court decision, the Irish Bishops issued their own statement in support of any wishing to Save the 8th, urges all to vote in favor of life:

Article 40.3.3 [the Eighth Amendment] of the Constitution of Ireland (Bunreacht na hÉireann) has a particular vision which is based on respect for the right to life of every person. We believe that the deletion or amendment of this article can have no other effect than to expose unborn children to greater risk and that it would not bring about any benefit for the life or health of women in Ireland. We encourage you, therefore, as members of the human family, to work actively towards keeping the right to life in the Constitution, in the name of equality, fairness and compassion for all.

Lisa O’Hare, Media Liaison Office for Human Life International Ireland, has issued the following statement:

The Supreme Court judgement, coming as it does half way through our Lenten campaign, is a timely reminder of the urgent need for prayer, fasting and acts of reparation for our nation.

We can be in no doubt as to our vulnerability and our weakness in the face of the evil which confronts us. But we need not fear. We call on the might of the Lord, the strength of his right arm and the power of his Holy Face to manifest.

St Patrick was famously moved with pity as he heard the cry of the Irish. As we approach his feast day, we call once again on our great Saint, and indeed on all the Saints of Ireland, to come to our aid, to intercede for the soul of Ireland, and to inflame our hearts with a love of God, a love of neighbour and a desire to see good triumph over evil.

save the 8th


HLI Ireland also invites everyone to join together to pray the Litany of the Holy Face live on its Facebook page at 9pm local Irish time, for the protection of Life, Marriage and Family in Ireland. (This is 5pm eastern standard U.S. time.)

Ironically, on the government followed up by announcing the ballot referendum language on “International Women’s Day.” Well, as the saying goes, ‘it’s not over till the fat lady sings.’ Lifenews reports that today, March 12th, as many as 100,000 marched to Save the 8th in Dublin.

So let’s keep praying.

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