3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Rejects Catholic Social Services over LGBT Interests

  1. It’s absurd to read how much religious freedom is being restricted almost in every corner of the world! But knowing foundation upon which the church is built and what Jesus Himself said of her (the mother church), “…. and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Mat. 16:18. We trust and pray for the day the Church will triumph over all the attacks and challenges she faces as of now!

  2. Gentleman

    I learned of your organization through Tim Tebow — I was adopted and raised Catholic throughout my life —- recently retired , im an advocate for ‘adoption is an option’ and have published a book detailing my “Twice Blessed “ life and 25 year Reunion with my birth mother.

    It’s an inspiring memoir and perhaps would assist your organization going forward in some way.

    All the Best
    Bill Shenoha

  3. Will the City of Philadelphia also remove all references and funding to any organization the is named in the honor of Dr. Martin Luther King? I think He preached from God’s Holy Word, or are you saying he was a fake! I think not!!!

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