HLI Campaign Aids in Huge El Salvador Victory

El Salvador Stands Firm on Abortion Ban

Despite an intense push by pro-abortion forces for months, urging weakening of the El  Salvador abortion ban, the legislature adjourned April 27th without caving in to anti-life voices. Two bills which could have been under discussion were not even presented. A new, conservative, Salvadoran assembly takes office May 1st and any discussion of harming the unborn is very unlikely to be addressed.

El Salvador has increasingly become a target, given its tough stance protecting the unborn. HLI, as well, has been attacked by The Guardian and Huffington Post for its support of El Salvador. The New York Times even mentions Julia de Cardenal, head of Human Life International’s affiliate there, in its slanted event coverage.

“Anti-abortion activists portrayed the proposal to relax the ban as an imposition by foreign groups. Julia Regina de Cardenal, the President the Yes to Life Foundation, accused those who supported a relaxation of the ban of receiving foreign financing.

On Thursday, Ms. Cardenal led a group of about 500 people, many of them high school students, into the assembly, where they held up signs behind a glass partition with slogans like “Abortion makes you the mother of a dead baby” and “Mommy, I’m not your body, I’m your child.”

One doctors’ group issued a statement opposing any change, and the influential National Association of Private Enterprise, whose president is Ms. Cardenal’s husband, warned that decriminalizing abortion would set a precedent that could open the doors to justify the taking of life at stages after birth.”

el salvador abortion ban

Julia de Cardenal, HLI Affiliate – Fundación Sí a La Vida Photo courtesy of elsalvador.com

The life movement is strong in the Catholic country, and the Church shines in warning against any who would advocate killing the unborn. The country, thanks be to God, still remains as one of only six Latin American countries that still forbid abortion. As a further deterrent, prison terms exist for both doctor and mother should they seek to kill any child in utero.

According to The New York Times, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad of Jordan, wrote to legislators asking instead of an El Salvador abortion ban, the country tow the line by coming on board with other pro-abortion nations worldwide. While HLI cannot confirm this correspondence, it would hardly be a surprise; November last year Zeid stated publicly he was “appalled” because “women are being punished for apparent miscarriages and other obstetric emergencies.” However, as we have shown in past reports, cases of “injustice” are often misrepresented – one case we investigated was clearly infanticide but in labeled in the United States press as a “miscarriage.” Additionally, the United Nations has pushed for years for the legalization of abortion in El Salvador.

Please pray for HLI’s affiliate and pro-life leaders in El Salvador, asking the Lord to bless their courageous efforts in the defense and service of Life. And also pray for the new government and those responsible for legislation.

El Salvado’s co-patrons are “Christ, Our Savior” and Our Lady of Peace. May they protect El Salvador.

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