HLI Laments Irish Vote Repealing the 8th Amendment

Gestational Age ActFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 26, 2018

Irish Contact:

Lisa O’Hare, HLI Ireland Media Liaison –  lisa@humanlife.ie

USA Contact:

Deborah M. Piroch, Director of Public Relations – dpiroch@hli.org

(Front Royal, VA and Knock, Ireland) – Human Life International joins with pro-lifers in Ireland and all over the world in mourning the “yes” vote in yesterday’s referendum, which has overturned the Eighth Amendment, allowing legislation to legalize abortion, thus condemning hundreds of thousands of Irish babies to death in coming decades. As the “Save the 8th” campaign has now conceded defeat, on this tragic occasion we issue this statement by HLI President Fr. Shenan J. Boquet.

“Ireland was a beacon for the West, indeed the entire world, enshrining and upholding the life of both the mother and her pre-born child. Now she has abandoned her defense of women and nascent life and gone astray as we are told “provision [will] be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancies.” There is something exceptionally frightening about the step to legalize child-killing. It constitutes something of a point of no return, a conclusive commitment to a diabolical inversion of values. This is a poison that enters the veins of a nation, polluting every element of public life, jeopardizing its very future.

Ireland has so much to offer the world and is in urgent need of our prayers. One third of the population at last count voted in favor of keeping the Eighth Amendment; we are grateful to those who courageously stood up in defense of women and pre-born children. However, while we recognize the anti-life juggernaut will not give up the fight to deepen its grasp upon the Irish people and further its agenda, pro-lifers must likewise continue to tirelessly work to restore justice for the pre-born child and secure the right to life for every person, as well as pray unceasingly for a nation scarred by division.

Now, more than ever, Ireland needs the Gospel: it needs Christ’s admonitions to ‘do unto others’ as we would have them do unto us; it needs the example and intercession of the great Irish saints, who rejected the allure of the world for Christ; it needs that spirit of Irish independence that has defied the spirit of Moloch for so many decades, that stood up for the weakest and most vulnerable. Ireland, land of St. Patrick, stand and hold fast to the Faith. We beg Christ today to surround you with his protection, and draw you back to His heart.”