HLI Statement at the 48th OAS General Assembly (2018)

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Washington, District of Columbia, United States – 3 June 2018

(Front Royal, VA and Washington, D.C.) – The Coalition for Human Development, with representation from the 4 sub-regions of America, understand human development, as the set of internal and external human conditions  of each of the stages of life that allow the human being to obtain personal full realization. Development, therefore, does not only refer to material infrastructure and services, but also to human rights that are always based on the dignity of the human person, which is the reason for endeavors in development.

Thus, we submit to you our comments on the documents that are the object of discussion at this 48 OAS General Assembly 2018, in which we find an absence of the full recognition of the foundational human right to life, as well as of the biological integrity of the human being as man or woman:

  1. Advancing Hemispheric Initiatives on Integral Development
  2. Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
  3. Strengthening Democracy
  4. Advancing Hemispheric Security: A Multidimensional Approach
  5. Migration in the Americas
  6. Plan of Action on the Rights of the Indigenous People

A. The human right to life from conception to natural death

A proper understanding of human development must take into account the complete stages of biological development. Nonetheless, it is necessary to point out that there is a modern scientific and juridical vision about human development: the initial stages and the gestation period of the unborn child. No resolution nor approximation contemplates this first biological and psychosomatic stage, indisputably human, uninterrupted, and continuous. In the sphere of genetics, of embryology, and molecular biology, the vital beginning of a member of the human species in undoubtedly located in the stage of fertilization.

B. The human right for the respect and recognition of the biological reality of the human being

The respect for the integrity of the human person includes the sexual biological reality as man or woman, from the first moment of existence. Science manifests this truth. To attempt to ignore this truth constitutes an act of disloyalty committed against the person and society. Justice can only be achieved by acting within the parameters of reason. It is imposible to help a human being overcome real discrimination, if one is acting on the basis of propaganda and gender ideology.

When confronting these two problematic areas in the documents that are the object of discussion before this honorable OAS General Assembly, we propose the recognition of the inherent, inalienable, and full dignity of the human being from conception. The simple and objective reality about the human being, should be sufficient to guarantee the complete biological development, in integrity and continuity, of the human being.

This proposal can serve as the foundation of human development in the continent of America. To do otherwise would be to act in opposition of the fundamental human rights to life and respect for human integrity, with the gravest of consequences, including the self-destruction of the human person and society.

In conclusion, the protection of life and of the reality of the human being, provides for the identification of the future needs and opportunities that are possible for the human person. All of the biological stages in the life of the human person make visible the road to take for the realization of these efforts. It is evident that the truth about the human being must be taken into account in all public policy resolutions, in order to reach the goal of human development of the person in society.

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