Contraception’s High Price: A Conversion Story

Emil teaching the students.

Emil Hagamu, HLI Regional Director for Anglophone Africa, teaching Tanzanian students.

Children in Tanzania are mostly taught a values-free “comprehensive sex education” that has been part of school curriculum since 1992. This “education” has had a disastrous effect on the morality of the community.

In 2013 I was invited by the headmaster of St. Pius High School to teach about 100 students a sex education lesson focused on chastity. Located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the headmaster is trying to help parents and children alike in teaching basics that reflect traditional faith values.

Sexual education in Tanzania starts with the grade “primary 4,” equivalent to grade 4 in some countries. It seems the earlier students are made “aware,” the earlier such children begin to engage in sexual activity. Parents and teachers are noticing more pregnancies in school children – 27% in 2015 – most of which end in abortion. Baby dumping, though not currently widespread, has been another cause for concern in the society. Moral values are almost disappearing among the new generation and religious observance has dramatically declined.

During my lesson, I talked about the sacredness of human life and the respect human life deserves. I also taught these young people why abortion and contraception have always been wrong and sinful. Finally, I challenged them to embrace the virtue of chastity for their own good and for the good of the society and future generations.

Sex education was also a topic six weeks running during my live talks on Upendo Radio FM, owned and managed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. We focused on “Comprehensive Sex Education and its Damaging Side Effects to our Children.” Participation of listeners was impressive—callers ask questions, give recommendations, and also advise parents regarding the best ways to raise their children.

On the right: Halima and Emil

One of the talks dealt with the “why” behind contraception, a population control tool. I asked Halima Waziri, a victim of contraception herself, to give witness. Halima Waziri received a Depo-Provera shot while she was in high school. The contraception promoters told students that if they wanted to “realize their dreams” they should practice “safe sex”—that is, sex without pregnancy or STDs.

Halima and others did not realize the health risks that accompany contraceptive use.

After just two shots, Halima experienced excessive bleeding that eventually caused her to lose consciousness. She became very sick and was hospitalized for two months. Her education suffered, which affected her employment, and she physically suffered from being misused by sexually immoral men. Halima, like many other young women, was not “empowered” by contraception. She became a victim.

Halima eventually visited the Human Life International office in Tanzania where for several days she received counseling and healing. She found peace of heart, and therefore decided to remain and help us as a volunteer, and later as a paid worker. Learning from HLI and our commitment to saving human life based on the principles of Catholicism, Halima decided to convert. She underwent catechetical training and chose the Christian name Rose.

I thank God for this great miracle and pray for the healing and conversion of all young women victimized by the Culture of Death.

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