Will Argentina Still Embrace Life Wednesday?

Argentina is at a critical juncture; a Wednesday vote will determine whether abortion remains banned or whether it is legalized by the lower House of Representatives and goes next to the Senate. President Mauricio Macri has said he will not veto the abortion bill if it passes. Will Argentina turn its back on Life as was the case recently in Ireland? A government poll in April indicated that this vote, too, will be a nail-biter. HLI Argentine Affiliate head, Dr. Oscar Botta: “When I hear them support and defend the decriminalization of the crime of abortion, I wonder if they are not taking advantage of the media to advocate in favor of this very serious crime against Life; the “abortionist” is a thousand times worse than a hit man because, in addition, he hides the corpses not unlike people who disappear one by one in a genocide…. But this time, in a democracy.”

HLI Issues Request for Prayer

We ask you to join HLI in prayer, that pro-life Argentina stand up for the most vulnerable in our culture and the dignity of human life. Nothing is impossible with God. To quote Robert Cardinal Sarah, “It (prayer) is the precious time in which everything is done, everything is regenerated, and God acts to configure us to himself.” Your prayer can take many forms, from a rosary or novena to a Mass, to time in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, to even Mother Teresa’s ‘novena in hurry’ (saying the Memorare ten times in a row, nine times in petition and the tenth in thanksgiving).

Background: Pro-Lifers Marched in the Millions

With a rallying cry of #salvelasdosvidas, or “let’s save them both,” pro-life Argentina is fighting hard to protect life starting at conception. Last week on June 5, 417,000 signatures were presented by pro-life organizations to the chairs of Criminal and Healthcare Legislation in the country, Congresswomen Gabriela Biurgos and Carmen Polledo, respectively. May 23, 2018 an estimated 3.6 million favoring a pro-life Argentina marched against legalization in over 200 cities hosting Marches for Life. According to LifeSiteNews, the pro-abortion demonstration held in March of this year and shown in secular media was tiny in comparison, at just 350,000. And at the most recent session of the Organization for American States, analogous to a United Nations for the Americas, Human Life International (HLI) witnessed to the importance of Life all across the region. (HLI testimony here.)

As is the case in much of the world, western organizations have been pumping money into influencing the vote in favor of abortion. Those with funds are able to go the chemical route (RU-486) and buy abortion drugs, albeit illegally, online. But if abortion is legalized, there will be no closing the door to abortion again. Many unborn will die, there will be no pro-life Argentina and the psychological and even physical health of many women will be horrifically impacted. Abortion-minded advocates who shout killing the unborn is for instances of rape or “health of the mother” continue to ignore the facts: Planned Parenthood’s own research arm has demonstrated 93% of abortions in the U.S. are solely for convenience.



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