Brazil Rejoices in Newly-Elected Staunch Christian President

by Alexandre Silva, President of HLI’s Brazilian Affiliate, the PROVIDAFAMILIA Association

Alexandre Silva, President of HLI’s Brazilian affiliate, the PROVIDAFAMILIA Association

After years of progressive governments with communist tendencies, conservative candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro has been elected the 38th President of Brazil. Bolsonaro not only won the position as Brazilian head of state, he was elected by a campaign unfunded by public resources or donations of companies, without a marketing department, and despite lies and half-truths spread by the conventional media.

Mr. Bolsonaro, a staunch Christian, began his four-year term office the first day of the year after beating the leftist opposition candidate with 55.54% of the vote. A retired army captain and federal deputy since 1991, Jair Bolsonaro’s election has in some ways matched that of US President Donald Trump. Bolsonaro and Trump began their races discredited by most political analysts but gained strength throughout the campaign, with Bolsonaro triumphantly facing off against head-on against Marxist ideology propagated by successive leftist governments. His Vice President, former military general Antônio Hamilton Martins Mourão, has rendered honorable services to his nation, is multilingual and graduated top of his class at the military school, Agulhas Negras Academy.

Values-Based President Nearly Killed in Leftist Attack

Bolsonaro from the start focused on the ills caused by thirteen years of rule by the worker party government, which had pushed legalizing abortion and drugs, gay marriage and gender ideology, radical sex-ed in schools and other elements in keeping with a leftist globalist agenda.

Slowly his campaign gained strength and numbers. Many joined with him in the struggle for change to realign with the true traditional values of the Brazilian people. His support showed in the huge, growing networks of supporters, many of whom greeted him at major rallies across the country.

Bolsonaro’s enemies defamed him, calling him every name in the book, from “racist” to “misogynist.” The attacks only only served to politically strengthen his efforts.

Then a vicious assault became a defining movement for the candidate: Bolsonaro was seriously injured in a knife-wielding attack. His assailant had a history of political activism in two leftist parties and currently resides in jail. The polarizing event helped many undetermined voters make a choice in favor of Bolsonaro.

The Right Person, in the Right Place, for the Right Job

Once in charge, the new president cut the number of ministries to 22 from 39. He carefully selected professionals with specialized expertise to serve on his government team. One prime example: Damares Regina Alves, the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights. Damares is a pro-life lawyer, evangelical pastor and educator in Brazil, coordinator of the educational project of the Protection Program, and in favor of the School Without Political Party movement. This powerful national group fights left-wing political activism by teachers in classrooms and some Brazilian states have passed laws enforcing this movement. That Bolsinaro chose Damares demonstrated his receptiveness to mobilization by dozens of pro-life groups throughout the country, including the National Association PROVIDAFAMILIA, of which I serve as president.

Newly elect President Jair Messias Bolsonaro of Brazil


Furthermore, considerable movement is afoot not only in the executive branch, but also in federal and state legislatures in opposing leftist ideology, which represents a great victory for the pro-life and pro-family community. Honor of place is once again being given to traditional values, which brings to mind our much-loved and longstanding President, Humberto Leal Vieira. He was appointed by Pope Saint John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Pontifical Council for Family. Humberto must be smiling down on us, as he dedicated a good part of his life fighting the Culture of Death throughout Brazil, and from Heaven the seeds he planted are blooming.

Judeo-Christian Values Openly Expressed For the First Time in Years

Correcting years of misdeeds of successive progressive governments will not be easy.  Efforts underway to elect more pro-life, pro-family advocates at the federal and state legislative levels were unsuccessful, particularly eminent pro-life leaders such:

  • Lawyer Paulo Fernando Melo da Costa of the Federal District Party
  • Professor Hermes Nery, renowned former president of the PROVIDAFAMILIA Association, in the state of São Paulo; and
  • Adrian Paz, for the state of Minas Gerais.

Unfortunately, this was not their time.

Part of our task will also be to properly educate all in life issues, including even many Christian public officials. For example, the new president harbors misconceptions about “family planning,” as shown in thoughts expressed on surgical contraceptives such as vasectomy.

In any case, the Brazilian pro-life and pro-family community is very happy and carries renewed hope in the new government. For the first time in recent history, we have top-level public officials with the courage to express their faith in front of the TV cameras, and clearly stand for the rights of the unborn child and the traditional values ​​of Judeo-Christian values.

It is also worth noting that President Jair Bolsonaro will veto any pro-abortion law that would come across to his desk approved by the National Congress. Even now pro-life leaders are working on a previous draft of a law, entitled the Statute of the Child, PL 478/2007, which aims to guarantee protection of unborn children.

Moving Ahead

In just the first month, important steps have been taken to address the ministerial policies devoted to the life and family matters in the areas of education, foreign affairs, women’s issues and human rights. These actions may impact thousands of Brazilian families, such as promoting real education untainted by marxist ideology, developing trade partnerships without ideological bias, and tightening legislation against organized crime.

Finally, as President Jair Messias Bolsonaro represents the largest country in Latin America, this should help present a strong pro-life, pro-family stance alongside the the USA and other nations in opposition to the ruling United Nations, multi-globalist agenda.

We ask God that Human Life International continues to play a leading role in this mission of spreading the good news of Life, Faith and Family around the world. We count on your prayers and may the Lord of life, our Savior, strengthen us in this struggle.

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