HLI Miami Answers Anna’s Cry for Help

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For over a decade Human Life International Miami receives an average of one call, every day, from a woman in crisis pregnancy. Often times women call – despite the name “Vida Humana Internacional” (Human Life International) – and ask in Spanish if we can get them abortion-inducing drugs.

Adriana Thurdekoos, part of the HLI Miami’s team on the ground, fields these difficult calls. “The average woman is Hispanic. I start by emphasizing woman-to-woman how important their current health and future lives are. These chemical abortions can seriously endanger their health and nobody tells them!”  In fact, taking these drugs unsupervised, something pushed by pro-abortion forces, can even be fatal if taken in certain cases, like an ectopic pregnancy. A woman calling for abortion drugs is really a cry for help and HLI answers that call by getting each woman to an ultrasound. This is not deception in any way; the law requires this verification to determine the gestational age of the baby, and HLI works with Heartbeat International to assist each woman in need, along with her growing baby.

Latin America Women Seek Out Miami for Abortions

Recently HLI Miami experienced an extraordinary case. A woman we will call “Anna”, phoned in desperation. She had been raped, was pregnant and urgently wanted an abortion. She had also come all the way from Latin America because abortion was illegal in her country. Given the circumstances, Anna was naturally terribly upset by the rape, needed assistance, yet Adriana knew well that the baby is an innocent victim and should not be forced to die an an abortion. Tensions were high.

“Anna” is proudly smiling and holding her ultrasound baby pictures with Heartbeat volunteers. Her face has been blurred to guard her anonymity.

Adriana told Anna the first thing required by law was an ultrasound, made the appointment and went with her. HLI relies heavily on Heartbeat International, which assists women 24/7 in English and Spanish. As the ultrasound technician put gel on Anna’s belly, Adriana waited outside the ultrasound room in support.

Anna’s belly was scanned. Then the verdict was announced: the baby was 13 weeks old. “What!” said Anna” Could you please measure again?” The ultrasound technician checked again. She then repeated, “13 weeks.”

Anna was shocked… and elated! The rape had occurred 9 weeks before. If the baby was 13 weeks, this baby was her husband’s! She had almost aborted her own husband’s child by accident.

So happy, Anna called her husband immediately with the great news.“Thanks be to God” said Adriana. Thanks to state limitations on abortion, which require an ultrasound, another baby has been saved.

HLI Miami is still ready every day; ready to answer that  phone call when it rings, for those in need.


Heartbeat International can be reached 24/7 in English and Spanish at their option line. They field over 1,000 crisis pregnancy calls each day. Please spread the number; 1-800-712-HELP.



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