HLI Colombia Helps Stop “Baby Factories”

by Gladys Buitrago de Amaya, President of HLI Colombia

In 2018, the Colombian Congress presented a bill to authorize the establishment of medical facilities to collect human gametes (sperms and eggs) and to transfer them to women or their sexual partners. The facilities would also use reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is known that IVF involves the destruction of countless human embryos. Finally, the facilities would include the use of surrogate motherhood.

Gladys Buitrago de Amaya, President of
HLI Colombia

All of these technologies also involve the separation of reproduction from conjugal relations. In fact, such reproductive technologies contribute to the destruction of marriage (“sexual partners”), the introduction of third parties (gametes from third parties and surrogate motherhood), and the making of the baby into a lab product, which reduces children to mere byproducts and denies the inherent dignity of man.

But thanks to the work by Laicos por Colombia (Lay People for Colombia) and Cultura de la Vida Humana (Culture of Human Life), otherwise known as HLI Columbia, the bill was finally stopped in March of 2019. Both organizations had carried out intense lobbying in Congress, and made great efforts to educate the public.

Another factor that helped stop this anti-life, anti-family bill was my book Seres humanos, material de laboratorio? (“Human Beings, Laboratory Material?”) written with co-author Senator Carlos Corsi Otálora, a good friend both of mine and that of HLI Colombia. We delivered the book to every member of Congress, which helped them decide to vote against the bill.

We won’t discontinue our educational efforts on behalf of legislators or the general public, because we know that “culture” of death activists will try other approaches again in the future. But, for now, the establishment of “baby factories” has been stopped.

Adolfo J. Castañeda of HLI Miami contributed to this report.

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