For immediate release: June 12, 2019

Contact: Deborah M. Piroch


(Medellín, Colombia/Front Royal, VA)


HLI Statement at the 49th OAS General Assembly (2019)

Address on behalf of HLI by Dr. Gladys Buitrago de Amaya,

HLI Columbia Affiliate


(English translation)

Good morning. We extend to the OAS our sincere gratitude in allowing us to submit our comments during this forum for civil society organizations.

My name is Dr. Gladys Buitrago de Amaya, President of the Foundation Culture for Human Life in Colombia, which represents Human Life International in this country.

Daily, the OAS seeks agreements between Member States on matters on common interest and common impact, through multilateralism, in the American continent.

Yet, to seek consensus between persons who have radically opposed ideas will not lead to institutional perfection, nor to economic development, nor to social progress in the country. Consensus always ends in failure for all sides.

This is because an agreement must begin with a basic understanding on what defines authentic human rights, which can only be found in natural law.

Natural law is grounded in human nature, and rationally defines and governs what is best for the  human condition.

Human rights offer a solid foundation for a productive and successful dialogue.

Given that fundamental human rights are inherent and immutable to the human person, these must be respected and valued, beginning with the right to life from conception to natural death. Starting with that primary human right, one discovers all other rational human rights, such as those rights related to marriage, family, food, clothing, housing, education, and work, among others.

Therefore, there can be no consensus about laws in favor of abortion, nor laws in favor of alleged same-sex marriages or same-sex families, nor even with the imposition of these or similar measures upon faith-based institutions, contrary to their values.

We are aware that this dialogue has, as its goal, the true welfare of the human person. Yet an honest dialogue requires being open to the truth.

When the truth about the human person is acknowledged, human welfare will be obtained.

Thank you.

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