Your Online Course Helped this Young Man Choose Life

Thanks to you, a teen pregnancy taught high schoolers the value of life and chastity.

Like thousands of other Americans, Blanca Rosa Gallardo got her pro-life education from the online course you provide through HLI. Everything she learned she shared with her family, including her son Armando. She wants to tell you in her own words what a difference you made in Armando’s life.

Blanca Rosa Gallardo: Dallas, Texas

“A few years ago, all the tools that I learned in the pro-life online course were put to the test when my 18-year-old son, Armando, informed me that his 17-year-old girlfriend, Alejandra, was pregnant. Initially I was frozen in shock; I did not expect this from my son! However, as I processed the news, I understood why so many families are tempted to use anti-life methods like contraception and abortion.

Because of your commitment to pro-life education, Armando never considered abortion.

“My family was immediately exposed to the harsh reality of humiliation, judgement, and criticism by relatives, friends, and strangers. However, despite this persecution, my son and his girlfriend decided to honor their pro-life upbringing by keeping the baby. I was able to see that true love can overcome serious obstacles. I am now the happy grandmother of a beautiful boy named Armando Daniel.

“During the most difficult part of the pregnancy, my son Armando told me that his choice to keep his son came entirely from the contents of the HLI Online Course.

“He said that despite the persecution he endured, he remains staunchly pro-life. Furthermore, he wants to participate in active pro-life work.

Now Armando and Alejandra are pro-life witnesses to their peers!

“Both Armando and Alejandra are grateful for the pro-life information which guided them to choose life. Their great love for their son helped them to become stunning pro-life witnesses to their schoolmates. Through their example, their friends realized that the best thing for young adults is to save sex for marriage. They came to value the dignity of life, and to reject contraception and abortion.

“I want to thank Our Lord for having opened my eyes to the dignity of life and the threats of the culture of death. I am sure that I will continue to tell this beautiful family story, and I will continually ask Our Lord to save many lives like he did my grandson Armando Daniel.

“I am grateful to you, HLI’s generous donors, who have so selflessly supported this life-changing work.”

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