Come join us at the March for Life in Chicago

Greetings, fellow Catholic!

Come join Human Life International at the Chicago March for Life and get a free copy of our CD, Families as the Building Blocks of a Culture of Life.

Human Life International will be Marching for Life in Chicago Saturday, January 11.

Stop by HLI’s exhibit at the Pro-Life Expo to meet HLI Executive Vice President John Martin and get your FREE copy of Fr. Shenan Boquet’s audio CD Families as the Building Blocks of the Culture of Life.

You can reserve your FREE CD right now by clicking here!

About the free CD:

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet discusses how families, as witnesses to the transforming power of God’s grace, are essential for God’s plan for healthy and faithful societies.  Are we living witnesses to the love we have for God in every moment?  This powerful message is not just for parents, for we are all tasked with teaching and preaching God’s love for every generation!  Fr. Boquet offers some reflections on how to grow and flourish in faith in order to build a sustainable Culture of Life.

Reserve your free copy of the CD by clicking the image


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