You Empower Fr. Okon to Share the Gospel of Life

At the bioethics library, you serve priests from around the globe. 

When HLI commissioned the Rome office in 1998 to assist in her global missionary activities, she could not have fully envisioned the tremendous impact. The Rome bioethics library has changed the lives of numerous religious men and women, seminarians, priests, and lay students studying in Rome. Of course, the impact of HLI’s Rome Office would not be possible without your prayers, support, and faithful commitment.  

You are making a valuable impact through these current and future leaders. A priest, for example, has the potential to impact the Church, families, and society for 40-60 years. Think of how many people he will influence within this timeframe! 

Formation of priests is central to HLI’s mission. If they understand and embrace the teaching of the Church, specifically the bioethical issues, they will be amply prepared to articulate pro-life truths and defend them in the public square. Let me share with you how the Rome Office contributes. 

Fr. Okon (second from right) teaches pro-life values at his parish with information he found at HLI’s Bioethics Library. With him are Fr. Giordano of HLI Rome, and two students.

Forming Leaders to Change the World

 In addition to growing relationships with Vatican and Curial officialsyour generosity supports, educates, and mentors students, particularly religious and clergy, in the field of bioethics. You accomplish this through the bioethics library. 

Consider the impact. The library welcomes religious, priests, and seminarians from around the world, particularly from some of the poorest countries which suffer the most from the plague of the Culture of Death. 

 Some are future teachers and professors in some of the pontifical universities or in their respective dioceses and religious institutions. Others will go on to be bishops and religious superiors. Your support empowers all of them to be strong defenders of Church teaching, and to counsel those with practical dilemmas in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Through this library, you are directly impacting countries and peoples around the world.  

Fr. Okon says Thank You!

Fr. Augustine Okon, from the Archdiocese of Calabar, Nigeria, is one example of the impact you make through the Rome library. Fr. Okon completed his doctorate in Rome, and now serves as Chancellor of the Calabar Archdiocese and Pastor of St. Luke’s in Ikot Effanga Mkpa, Calabar. During his studies, a friend introduced him to HLI’s Office and Library. He explains his experience:  

“The staff were very helpful and readily and happily helped me to search for materials related to each topic. The knowledge I gained during my further studies and the use of HLI’s Library help me in my pastoral ministry. For instance, when offering marriage courses for intending couples, using parts of my doctrinal dissertation, I expound and explain the pro-life issues such as contraceptives, abortion, killing, dignity of marriage and procreation, respect for life, etc.”  

I could go on and on, but there is not enough space or time. As you can see, 

You are making a valuable impact through these current and future leaders. A priest for example, has the potential to impact the Church, families, and society for 40-60 years. Think of how many people he will influence within this timeframe!

The same may be said for lay professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists, and so on. By working with these groups and providing on-going formation and mentorship, and establishing pro-life guilds, HLI is positioned to impact society in each of its spheres. 

I cannot repeat it enough. You and every one of our donors make this life-changing work a reality. I know it, and everyone who is fortunate to receive any benefit from HLI knows it. Thank you! 

About Fr. Shenan J. Boquet

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet has served as president of Human Life International since 2011. He was ordained in 1993 as a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, Louisiana. As HLI’s president, Fr. Boquet collaborates with fellow laborers in the pro-life and family movement in over 80 countries, offering the Sacraments, giving seminars and trainings, appearing on numerous media outlets, and encouraging people of all walks of life to live as faithful advocates for a Culture of Life and Love. He is available for interviews and bookings on behalf of HLI by emailing

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