Cynthia Says THANK YOU for Supporting the Bioethics Library!

Through pro-life education, you form the leaders who change the world.

Without you, Cynthia could never have become the pro-life leader she is today.  

You played a crucial role in helping this young Peruvian student become a bioethics professor in her homeland. You changed her life, and the lives of all the students she will guide through the coming decades.

Cynthia is just one example of the impact you make through the HLI bioethics library. This young lady had a deep love for the Gospel of Life but needed your help to finish her studies.

Cynthia needed your help to complete her degree.

You gave Cynthia the support she needed to become a bioethics professor in Peru.

When she found HLI, Cynthia already had master’s degrees in Marriage and Family and in Bioethics and Formation from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute. Her dream was to earn a doctorate in bioethics so she could use her career to defend life and family in the academic sphere. But she needed help with her tuition expenses.

Because of your generosity, we were able to say yes. The HLI Rome Office offered Cynthia a partial scholarship for her Doctorate in Bioethics Research at the University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. Cynthia cannot thank you enough.  

After that, you also helped her succeed in her studies through the Bioethics Library. 

As every doctoral student knows, paying for classes is only half the battle. Thanks to you, Cynthia also found the resources and mentors she needed to thrive. HLI affiliates Msgr. Barreiro and Dr. Joseph Meaney received her several times. They discussed her study plans and made suggestions for her doctoral thesisSerenella Verduchi and Marcello Riccobaldi helped her in the HLI library finding books and magazines and writing bibliographies. 

But Cynthia Morales was not only a good and enthusiastic student. She was also deeply involved in the pro-life and pro-family movement. During her stay in Rome, she attended the Italian March for Life, the March for Family, and several other pro-life events.  

Today, Cynthia is building the Culture of Life in her home country!

After finishing her studies in Rome, she returned to Peru 

From 2016 to 2019, she worked at the Catholic University San José as University Teacher and Director of the Institute for FamilyNow she teaches at the Women’s University of the Sacred Heart, where she can influence new generations and spread the Gospel of Life. 

Cynthia is just one example of the long-term impact you make through the bioethics library. 

You foster lasting change by forming leaders who will impact our culture for decades.

With you sponsoring education for pro-life leaders, sooner or later the culture of death will be defeated, and the Gospel of Life and Love will triumph.