Your Message on Radio Maria Saved Bonaventure from Abortion

With media programs like this one, you bring hope to frightened mothers like Flavia.

Flavia was struggling. Her situation was so bad that she thought about murdering her pre-born son to escape it.

She became pregnant out of wedlock, which in Tanzania brings great shame on the family. When her father found out he cursed her, threatened to lash her, then threw her out of his home. Flavia had just finished secondary school, but there was no way she could go to the university now.

She fled to her mother’s house in another town. Her mother took her in, but she was too poor to support them both. Even with Flavia’s help they were barely getting by. Flavia had no idea what they would do once her son was born. She began to quietly look for an abortionist.

Your mercy reached Flavia through Radio Maria

Because of your program on Radio Maria, Flavia chose to spare her son’s life. Now Bonaventure is her greatest joy!

Before Flavia could arrange for an abortion, she heard a radio broadcast that stopped her in her tracks. Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania spoke on Radio Maria about the work you are doing to defend the most vulnerable lives in Tanzania. Hoping you could help her son too, Flavia reached out to Emil.

He urged her not to abort, but instead to come to a pro-life conference you sponsored in her area. There Flavia learned how valuable her son’s life is to God, and how to trust that He will care for the child that He created. Thanks to you, she decided to spare his life.

Look at the “precious life” you saved!

You saved this precious child from abortion. Thank you!

Flavia’s son was born six months later. She named him Bonaventure-Goodluck because she feels so lucky that you were there to stop her from aborting him. Shortly after, Flavia attended another conference you sponsored on responsible parenthood. There she learned to train married couples how to practice Natural Family Planning (NFP) according to Church teaching.

Now Bonaventure journeys around the city on mission with his mother.

Now Flavia earns extra money to support her son by teaching NFP for HLI Tanzania.

He charms her NFP clients with his smiles, and is the light of his grandmother’s life. This happy family of three can get by with the extra money Flavia earns teaching NFP and selling groceries.

Bonaventure has been a joy to Flavia and her mother. He is now happily growing up. I can truly say that you saved his precious life. Thank you.

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